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An Ode To Doggos And How Much We Love Them (Reddit Discussion)

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    Rectangle - Posted by u/analognewb 15 hours ago 2 2 06 34 8 2 2.5k Sometimes I look at my dog and I'm so overcome with love I feel like I'm going to cry. (Fluff) I worry all the time I'm not doing enough for her. She deserves the world.

    The love we feel towards our dogs is similar to the love parents feel for kids. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that they are thriving and have everything they could need and want. If you are doing your best and giving your dog lots of love, it's enough! Don't forget it.

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    Font - Ghostofchestypuller · 8h I agree. My wife sometimes asks me if I think our dog feels loved enough to which I always reply "absolutely without a doubt." As I say to her, the thing about dogs is they are just so damn loyal that you can completely mistreat them (sadly) and they will still be your absolute diehard biggest fan. Growing up in a not so good small town as an animal lover I saw a lot of dogs that deserved a lot better owners than they had, but despite that they still obviously lov

    This thought process of "am I doing enough for my dog" is becoming quire a trend! Ask yourself: are you giving your dog what he needs to thrive? Love, good healthy food, exercise, etc etc. If the answer is yes, then you're doing just fine. 

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    Rectangle - Iupvoteanimals · 14h I feel this, too, but the truth is, dogs are simple souls. Aside from variations due to your dogs unique personality, dogs want pets, treats, walks, play. Very basic stuff, including lots of love. I bet that if you're worrying you're not doing enough, you probably already are :-) It's ok to not worry and just enjoy your pup. It really is ok! 241 Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Font - kikisongbird88 · 11h I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. My lil doggos are the best gift life has given me and I sometimes feel that dread of how I could possibly cope without them when that day eventually comes. Then I snuggle them so tight and tell them how very much I love them and am grateful for them saving me every day. (I have anxiety and depression and various traumas from the past). I don't know what I did to deserve these little angels but I thank my lucky star
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    Font - SouthernBoat2109 · 14h Yup, this is how all good dog owners feel, welcome to our club
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    Font - Nyx_89 · 5h I always worry I'm not doing enough for my pupper. I just want her to have the best life.
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    Font - VeganMinx · 13h I know this feeling well. Couldn't sleep last night and my girl kept me company. I cried in her neck and she hugged on me a little, too. She's gotten extra treats today, and more of my heart
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    Font - kk5 · 14h I feel this in my soul! My little girl is 13 weeks now and she has this habit of just sitting and staring up at me and it makes my chest hurt with how much I love her! It's hard too though because I am constantly worrying about anything bad happening to her evere
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    Font - linniex · 14h when I look at my pup and she looks at me - my heart about bursts sometimes. It's like a love bomb for my heart. Dogs are outstanding. I knew she was going to be one of my best dogs when I brought her home, she was a tiny puppy and I had her on my lap and she peed on me and I didn't freak out. I wuff her.
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    Font - Jaciorca · 3h I tear up from the overwhelming feeling of love for my dogs, too.
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    Human body - Sug0115 · 14h Last night I actually started to cry from the overwhelming love I feel for her. I was joking about what I would do without her, and then I actually started to think about what I will do without her lol silly but it's true. I love this dog with every ounce of my heart and soul.
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    Font - BetsyGirl801 · 3h Zoey: Yellow Lab I think about dogs having Copenhagen Syndrome constantly. They didn't choose us , we chose them. Do they really love us and what we are providing for them or do they just not know any different and we are the key to food, treats and outside.? I love my dogs like they are my children, but can't help thinking how their life would be different if they weren't mine and if they really are truly happy.

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