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    Font - catpda how can ppl say cats dont have feelings like. when my cat got deadly sick she refused to eat a single thing and it had been days but when i started crying she ate just a little bit, and upon seeing how happy it made me, kept doing it whenever she could. now whenever im sad or crying she finds wherever i am with a mouthful of food and eats the pieces one by one, every time looking up at me making sure i was watching her eat it all because she knew it made me happy. and it DOES make

    It really does amaze us just how many misperceptions people have about cats. Cats are not unfeeling. They just take a little longer to warm up to people. They won't run up to any person who walks into your house like dogs, that's true, but when they choose you, getting them off your lap will become a task every day. When cats love, they love hard. 

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    Botany - funnytwittertweets JP O @jpbrammer well selectively activate them Weird Science @weird_sci · 2d Human DNA contains all the necessary genes to produce feathers - it's merely a matter of selective activation. Show this thread 9:32 PM · 2021-06-30 · Twitter for iPhone 21.2K Retweets 224 Quote Tweets 188K Likes gauntletqueen Finally we can stop being featherless bipeds! lennat2 Where's my on switch! lithuanina *grows feathers and bursts into an auditorium* BEHOLD A CHICKEN Source:funnytwitt

    Things were all well and good and then we read the word 'chicken' and started cracking up. Yeah, let's be honest, if humans took the form of any bird that exists, we would not be beautiful peacocks or even adorable parrots, no, we'd be running around like the confused chickens we always feel like. 

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    Jaw - happy groundworxart I don't understand it but yes
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    Product - S uselessgaywhovian nuka-rockit remember kids: rats are the capri sun of the vampire world dontbeanassbutt hi what the FUCK does this mean 81,751 notes
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    Organism - blairwitchh Follow the build a bear Axolotl is perfect actually it said :) 15,442 notes A
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    Font - worldhammerer Follow what if vampires are like mosquitoes and only the ladies drink blood justspaderthings Follow Pretty sure that would mean the fellas drink tree sap or something. Imagine running from a vampire thru the woods and passing her husband who's biting a tree real hard elf-kid2 Follow Maple syrup vampire husband
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    Font - + C https://www.tumblr.com/blog/hiphopocliedes/followers 2 Q Search Tumbir 264 people follow you Search your owers hiphopocliedes a darkened auditorium with 264 silent people in the seats. on the stage, me, sitting on a stool, lit by a spotlight, the only light in the theatre. i hold up a photo of my cat, 10 people applaud, two or three hold up photocopies of the same photo, the rest do nothing, watching, waiting. creativereadingfanfiction I love this description of tumblr.
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    White - sleepy-bebby Follow CLIFFOR Baby Clifford & baby Snoopy misc6x6 Follow thecapturedafrique Follow Clifford got big just to take revenge for this moment.
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    Product - candlelion you can tack on "and dragons" after any title and it'll be 900% better arpeggiosmelody Dungeons & Dragons and Dragons gumiappendsweet that's TWICE the dragons, you literally cannot go wrong with this 215,096 notes
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    Font - cowboysuggest spiders. IN the tub, spiders in the tub. Come on now, SPI DERS IN THE TUB! SPIDERS IN THE TUB! animatedamerican I can only assume this is meant to be chanted to the rhythm of "uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up" but I cannot begin to speculate as to why patrickat Stop! Wait a minute. Why my tub got these spiders in it? Source: cowboysuggest 2,766 notes
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    Product - What happens when a real bee sees a fake bee solve a puzzle? PBSO NEWS HOUR The real bee can learn how to manipulate objects to gain a reward. PBSO NEWS HOUR newshour What does it take to teach a bee to use tools? A little time, a good teacher and an enticing incentive. Read more here: http://to.pbs.org/2mpRUAZ Credit: O.J. Loukola et al., Science (2017) O robotlyra "Friend? Friend push ball? I push ball. I do good." robotsandfrippary Bees. Smart enough to push a ball, not smart enough
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    Carnivore - booksbroadwayb99 dog cat lizard dog cat lizard Validate me Constructive criticism permitted Source: booksbroadwayb99
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    Cat - -E lewisandquark Once again, a neural net tries to name cats This Guy Веер Воор Last year I trained a neural net to generate new names for kittens, by giving it a list of over 8,000 existing cat names to imitate. Starting from scratch, with zero knowledge of English or any context for the words and letter combinations it was trying out, it tried to predict what letters might be found in cat names, and in which order. Its names ranged from the strange to the completely nonsensical to the hi
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    Cat - JUSTCATPOSTS justcatposts Follow A shop owner modified his attic to accommodate his cats. Now he is under constant observation.
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    Font - weird-ecologies Jul 15, 2020 · a year ago AUSTRALASIA Woman shouts 'I still love sharks' as she is pulled from sea after being bitten by one If this ain't me picklefrog12 Follow Shark bites are just vibe checks by sharks and if I get bitten by one then its cause my vibes were off do not blame the shark #vibe check #sharks #shark bite 43,101 notes

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