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Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Mild Panic

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    Font - theradioghost I STEPPED OUTSIDE OF THE FRONT DOOR OF MY OWN HOME ONLY TO FIND THE DEER THAT TRIED TO KICK MY ASS LAST YEAR STANDING RIGHT THERE IN MY FRONT YARD. BOLD AS BRASS. AM I NOT SAFE ANYWHERE ANYMORE theradioghost for those of you who were not here last year: this deer is the most obnoxious, unnatural red-orange color I've ever seen, only appears when it's raining, and once chased me a quarter mile through the woods. her name is Hot Cheeto Hatred and she is my nemesis galuby dude,

    This is not merely a fairy, this is an epic saga that will be written into a 9 book series and will have an HBO show just about it. This is clearly an evil boss coming to visit its future worst enemy using time travel, only finding that the time travel has turned it into a relatively harmless Hot Cheeto instead of the devil that it is. Duh. 

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    Cat - awwww-cute Follow my boyfriend doesn't believe that his cat bullies mine tranceofreading "I'VE BEEN ATTACKED"

    This cat is not even being overdramatic, let's be real. We would have reacted with the same level of fear and drama had someone done this to us. This cat is relatable, and we understand it on a truly spiritual level. Get this hooligan off him. Actually, don't. Take more pics first, then take him off. 

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    Gesture - The Jeuish-Japanese Sex and Cookbook and How to Raise Wolves JACK DOUGLAS jwunderbread: wastetheday A lot covered in one book.... where have you been, jack douglas what kind of things have you seen
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    Organism - revocelot baby capybaras taking shelter under a capybara statue lakevida wire mother... 16,291 notes
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    Font - the older I get the more dog I become dommunist obsessed with being given affection and being told im doing a good job... losing my damn mind every time I get to go for a nice walk dommunist TERRIFIED of the doorbell Source: dommunist
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    Font - REI tilthat TIL that in 2013 a scientist injected human brain cells into a mouse brain, which improved the mouse's memory and capacity to learn via reddit.com thefingerfuckingfemalefury To stop it from conquering the planet they injected human brain cells from an incompetent weirdo into a seperate mouse and then put the two mice in the same cage so the silly mouse will always frustrate the terrifying genius mouse's plans coffee-without-a-pause I wonder what they're doing tonight athenaisk
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    Gesture - positive-memes Paris @sweatingalready I'm late to work cuz I followed this dog for 3 blocks in the wrong direction Sounds like a reasonable excuse to me catwithbenefits modern day siren
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    Cat - vykodlak Follow Peak character design is a dark gradient on the limbs or fingers realkaijuhavecurves Follow
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    Terrestrial plant - You ask me for the time and notice my watch is actually a live shrimp hugging my wrist, he whispers "12:30" but he's guesstimating as shrimps usually do "what time is it" you ask, i pull out my 2.7 metric ton granite sundial and immediately crush both of your feet, I loudly announce "it is cloudy"
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    Plant - suicide-bird He won. skoogers im happy for him enemy2babies He got sixth place actually suicide-bird He won.
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    Organism - themaskedotter Follow I'm crying because when my dad was eighteen he was going to join the airforce and then the night before he had a dream that Jesus slapped him in the face with a gigantic fish and asked him what he was doing and he woke up and thought, "Jesus is right what am I doing?" And that's why my dad did not join the military. 172,251 notes
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    Font - thebootydiaries 5 thebootydiaries talksick Follow just heard my roommate yell "you USED me!!!' from the living room n im sitting here like ??? 2 seconds later my rat comes running into my room holding a french fry in his lil baby mouth 509,253 notes
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    Organism - victorian-doctor Follow EVERYONE GET THE FUCK UP NEW FROG HAS BEEN DISCOVERED WOO000000000000 official-lucifers-child rotisserie chicken #tw food #food tw 17,285 notes
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    Font - unloved! unloved! unloved! dog-vevo my cat when i don't let him in the bathroom meeko-mar "Mother is cruel, and father wishes me dead" –My cat, probably, after us telling him no dry food until he eats his wet food Source:catcrumb 40,424 notes ...

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