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When Birds Tweet: A Thread Of Birbs Interacting With Technology

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    Mobile phone - Good tweets (CHECK PINNED) ... @GoodTwts 11:43 Tweet toomanycarz goomanycarz There is literally a bird sitting on my phone as I tweet this. It's tweeting 11:42-28 Jul 21 Twitter for Android AView Tweet activity 5:44 PM Jul 29, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 56.8K Retweets 827 Quote Tweets 467.5K Likes

    When we first saw this picture, we thought to ourselves: wow, this is a moment that is one of a kind, it will never ever happen again. We did not realize, when opening that tweet and scrolling, that we have fallen into the birbception trap. You're not ready for this ride, everyone. 

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    Computer - Branchwalker ... @_Branchwalker Replying to @GoodTwts I'm replying this tweet with a birb on my computer, it's sleeping... ea De ying x Good t C X ika O Hotiticace D ulvor Uetan & Pertl D Fo O0 CEO OIe e .

    And the ride begins, starting with this adorable sleepy birb. And it only gets better from here. We had no idea that birds liked phones and computers this much, but goodness, now we want one just to be able to have this happen to us. Out tiny bird falling asleep on our warm laptop would definitely be up there with the cutest things we have ever seen. 

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    Bird - 陽路@じゃびるりりろーやっと来たぜ @higitsunes ... Replying to @ Branchwalker and @GoodTwts birbs really like sitting on electronics huh, 18:554 ツイート Branchwalker Branchwalker aA Goodtwts h I'm replying this tweet with a birb on my computer, it's sleeping... ワイート
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    Hand - Adam Sblendorio ... @Sblendo Replying to @GoodTwts It's contagious! O Thread Bubtyres Pnand 2ethead od t HCK PED Goodtets Tweet your reply 6:09 AM Jul 31, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 21 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 1,056 Likes
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    Product - toomanycarz @toomanycarz ... Replying to @Sblendo and @GoodTwts Tweet Adam Sblendorio estlendo Replying to GoodTwts It's contagious! 4.09 31 Jl 21 Twier for Phone Tweet your eply
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    Bird - Adam Sblendorio @Sblendo ... Replying to @toomanycarz and @GoodTwts Can't stop, won't stop. IVZW W-R 124 M Liked by Lard agand t ethers toomanycarz Otoomanycarz-9h Replying to eslendo and OGoodiwes ta Lond Heg OLord Heg pronouna band londonderryband Fulow
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    Organism - LargeWoosh @LargeWoosh ... Replying to @Good Twts I have a bird that loves being on my phone as well. Can't take a good picture tho..
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    Hand - ... traveler @traveler0420 Replying to @GoodTwts 1027|1K e Thread hannskiiked Good tweets (CHECK PINNED) GoodTwts 22:44 29 Jul 21 Twitter for Phone Tweet your reply
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    Product - Tito ... @Tito22950331 Replying to @GoodTwts You're not the only one..
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    Bird - kerman aksnes ... @oqtukerman Replying to @GoodTwts Sequência natheneleuon4 curtvam Good tweets (CHECK PINNED) @GoodTwts Tweete suresposta
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    White - MIA'O1 @its JEON Same bruh but don't judge me for using selfie mode I don't know why either
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    Hand - cri ... @fleurdelyseee there was a bird sitting on mine when i read this

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