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Craziest Pet Stories: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

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    Font - Amy Bruynell When Bot (kitty kat) jumped in the fridge and I didn't know it and shut the door with him in it. I turned to put whatever it was back in and there he was. He hasn't done it since going on 8 yrs now.

    Oh no! Bot must have been quite cold! Sounds as though this kitty kat learned his lesson, though. Eight years without a refrigerator incident, and counting! We think Amy and Bot can easily make it to ten. 

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    Font - Sara Shellhorn My cat had kittens. One morning when they were about 4 weeks old, I was on my way to work. I had my headphones in listening to the radio. I could see Karly (the mom) urging for my attention as I picked up my purse. But I dismissed her and left. About 2 minutes into my walk I went to reach for my wallet and got bitten. There was a kitten in my purse who must have crawled in to hide sometime in the night. I had to turn around and bring her back hahahahaha
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    Font - Kristin Leigh Baker My aunt was dog sitting for us, my dog is a little special and forgets she likes my aunt. So my aunt comes over to feed the dogs my dog gets scared and runs into the bedroom. My aunt follows because it always takes a moment for the dog to remember. Inside the bedroom she finds my dog sitting on top of a six drawer dresser like a gargoyle. My dog is a German Shepherd.

    Hold uppp. Take a solid few moments and really try to imagine this situation. A gGeat Dane sitting on top of a six drawer dresser like a gargoyle. A gargoyle, for those who don't know, are carved stone creatures known as grotesque usually used in architecture for dramatic effect on older classic buildings. Are you laughing yet? We are.

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    Font - Anita L. Russell My tabby, Grace, was very attached to my partner. She would sit by the door when it was time for him to come home from work. Usually, he would pick her up and pet her for a moment, then put her back down and go to the sink to wash his hands. (Mechanic) well, one day he came home upset about something, and didn't stop to pet her, just walked to the sink and started washing up, venting to me about whatever it was. Gracie was steadily meowing at him, having followed him to t

    The ultimate GIVE ME ATTENTION move. To be honest we understand this cat's train of thought, but perhaps would have went about it slightly differently. Haha! That's what makes this story so crazy are we right?

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    Font - Jess Goodrich We fed a stray cat over the winter and named her Blackie, we slowly gained her trust and in return, she brought her kittens up and deposited them on our door step.on father's day!! We still have one of then that my dad named Steely Dan (yes after the band) because he was a handsome Grey long hair. That was over 10 years ago 6 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Font - Billy Degelmann I had a black cat named Midnight "Mitzy for short" who used to eat all the cheese off my pizza and drink half the cup of my coffee if I left the room for a minute or so. I would always come back and see a piece of cheese hanging from her mouth and ask her "was it good?" and she would hold a long meow for "you betcha". I never got mad at her though as I loved her and she turned out to be an extremely loving cat that lived to be 24 human years old.
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    Font - Top Fan Candace Homestead We were having our routine Friday night pizza supper and I had a very large untouched slice on my plate. We went into another room for a little bit to check out something on the computer. When we returned. the pepperoni, the cheese, and all the sauce had been eaten cleanly off the pizza down to crust. We had just discovered that our shy tuxedo cat loved pizza! For the rest of his life we had to be careful about ever leaving pizza unattended on the table. Like · R
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    Font - Melissa Frank I was home from college for spring break. I had my suitcase on the floor in my parents living room so i could finish packing. My dog Paco was chewing on a rawhide bone and keeping me company while I packed. I left the room to take carw of something else. When i got backI noticed the bone was gone but didnt think anything of it as I zipped up my suitcase. When i got back to my college and was unpacking, i reached in and touched something cold and slimy. Grossed me out and sca
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    Font - Sara Whitney We had Lilly the cat and Donna the hamster. One day I saw a quick movement out of the corner of my eye and I thought, "Great, we have a mouse!" Then I saw Lilly slowly following whatever was moving, nose to its behind; I realized that a) Donna had escaped from her cage, and b) Lilly was tracking her. I jumped up to grab Donna before she could run under the bookcase, thinking all the while, "She's gonna bite me. Don't let go, just bear it!" I grabbed her. She peed on me. My da
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    Font - Tonya Ackley I was renting an apartment in an old and huge Victorian home. The landlord lived on the first floor, which was also his business (dentist office) and another tentant on the second floor and me and my two cats were on the third floor. The landlord was reluctant to allow pets, but allowed me and my kitties to live there when they couldn't find another renter to fill the vacancy. I bought renters insurance the first month I lived there. The next month, I heard something. like I
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    Font - Julie Stewart Butch, the cat I had growing up in Michigan, would play vigorously with the two pups we adopted when the cat was a little over a year old. He was always in charge & would decide when it was time to quit & take a nap. One day the pups spotted him approaching the chain link fence from the lot next door & the Beagle couldn't wait for Butch to climb over it to play. Butch had other ideas & was tired from hunting in the woods. The second the cat hit the ground he saw the Beagle r
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    Font - Kristin Ritchie One of my cats was on the high point of the counter as a kitten. Right beside it were two bar stools they were learning to jump down. The gray cat jumped from the counter to the barstool right beside the black one and they both zoomied off in pure horror and fluffiness. Took a while for them to come back over. 14/10.
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    Font - Charlotte Nollette I gave some M&M's to my pet hamster once. He packed them in his pouches & I figured he'd just go empty them out. Before he did, they melted. When I first saw it I thought he was bleeding! Realized it was melted chocolate instead. Took him out of his cage & was trying to 'pump' the remainder out of mouth onto a tissue. Scared me to death, then made me laugh. He survived & I learned my lesson!
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    Cat - Annette Wardell Not too crazy. But it's rotten, yet darn cute.
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    Product - Kelly Nemecek My cat in the bearded dragon tank. Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Blue - 「は

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