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Twitter Thread: Cats With Airplane Ears That Go Zoooom

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    Cat - marina ... @bloodmajick love when cats get airplane ears. like fuck yeah man you look aerodynamic as fuck right now 6:20 AM - Aug 2, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 50.5K Retweets 1,939 Quote Tweets 391.5K Likes

    We would truly be disapproving of the language of this tweet if we did not understand the passion behind the statement of it. But, we do. We are also passionate about cat airplane ears sticking to such purrfect landings. It is a rare thing to see it done so pawnderfully.  

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    Cat - Fatass ... @alexana112 Replying to @bloodmajick

    This airplane's wings seem to be larger than most, captain, and we have to say that although the technique seems to be great, the size does look to be a bit of a hinderance. This is a pilot in training, and it's already doing better than most. When it grows into its wings, the landings will be even more impressive. 

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    Cat - larissa ... @bjorkning Replying to @bloodmajick c'mon girl let's fly away
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    Cat - HandsomeMeme ... @Handsome_MemeYT Replying to @bloodmajick and @catsoutofcontxt
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    Cat - ... S.Thomie C.L.A.W. @s_thomie Replying to @bloodmajick And if you have void kitties, you get stealth bombers! ARD EYS 1919 PPLE GOSCRIBBLER.CO #GOSCRIBBLER SHONED ODAY MADE IN
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    Cat - Giulio ... @GuilioOFarofero Replying to @bloodmajick 0.0
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    Cat - cam ... @cmedina_5 Replying to @bloodmajick coco with her airplane ears 9
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    Head - ** zira + @zira_w ... Replying to @bloodmajick
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    Cat - sha ... @4suk4s Replying to @bloodmajick
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    Photograph - siz wendy? @htxguendi ... Replying to @bloodmajick literally love it when he does his airplane ears
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    Cat - ... @capricorncuntt Replying to @bloodmajick
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    Cat - Soy Static ... @eudstass Replying to @bloodmajick No a f
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    Cat - Kai Wise ... @LilGoldieLocs Replying to @bloodmajick She does it the most when she's annoyed

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