Woman’s Wild Tale About Meeting Her Spouse Leaves People Open-Mouthed

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    Photograph - Lulu* * @creolepatra242 · He caught me breaking into his house instead of calling the cops he rolled one up and we chilled.. we have been together ever since and are actually married now!
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    Font - Blook but legal @upperdash This is some Adam Sandler romcom s t Helios @Helios_Seven He's just an ordinary guy, and she's a burglar. This summer worlds collide in "Your honour, she stole my heart"
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    Facial expression - adam @akarayad ROBBER: I'll steal everything ME: [thinking] u won't steal my heart ROBBER: you look stunning btw ME: [under breath] f k random.ape
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    Product - Yes I discrimate, coloreds only .. You mean to tell me I gotta wait for a girl to break into my house to find love taith Stand
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    Shirt - DON OF LAGOS @RowlyDaDon Step 1: Break into his house Step 2: Get caught & smile at hun Step 3: Roll up and chill with him Step 4: Don't stop chatting with him afterwards
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    Outerwear - Lady Danbury's eyebrows @Ki..
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    However, all was not as it seemed.

    Font - cj. @chazaayy The rest of the story LOVE YOURSELF Follow Lulu & @creolepatra242 -Im only here to laugh and lie. W.E.B DuBoss @castle_rome Not even her in the picture e Indianimal @nynydapimp LMFAO

    A few intrepid Twitter users engaged in a quick profile check, which suggested that Lulu was probably not telling the full truth. Nonetheless, this hasn't stopped a large number of people falling for the colorful story. Love may not really be this blind after all, but the internet is that easy to dupe. Who knows, it may have even been a premonition. 


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