Overly Particular Posts That Are Doing A Bad Job Of Hiding Things

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    Apocalpyse Now

    Font - EAT Turing Police @turing_police you have to come to terms with the fact that realistically in a post apocalyptic world theres a 99% chance youll die from diarrhea after drinking bad water and you will never get a chance to wear football armor and make a machete out of duct tape and a lawnmower blade or whatever
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    Classic Farmyard Icons

    Organism - shelby lorman O @sdlorman did a rooster write this ??? what do roosters do All News Videos Images Maps Shopping - The roosters may break up hen fights, find and give treats to then hens, encourage egg- laying, and even monitor the nest boxes. Roosters are beautiful. Roosters are classic farmyard icons, and they are gorgeous to look at in many cases. Roosters have a lot of personality. Dec 8, 2020
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    Organism - Rach @rachreed613 The year is 2009, you just got nintendogs for Christmas. You're on your way back from your grandparents house trying to teach your new shih tzu his name. You repeat "fudge" 238 times during the car ride until the dog finally learns. Your father has contemplated crashing the car.
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    Displeasing The Prime Overlords

    Font - Patrick @lunch_enjoyer 2029: My tv starts flashing red with an alert because I lied to Amazon Prime about how many people are in my living room watching Trolls 5. They send 15 cops in riot gear and they kill my dog. Im not allowed to shop at Whole Foods for two weeks.
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    A Beautiful Legacy

    Organism - mcfronny @mcfronny When Elon Musk dies, his ultimate punishment will be the fact that the main demographic of people he tried to appeal to will not mourn or cry for him, but will instead post pictures of him walking into heaven clouds with big chungus and ugandan knuckles. 8:52 PM · Mar 22, 2021 · Twitter Web App 1,195 Retweets 31 Quote Tweets 7,611 Likes
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    Lovely Recipe

    Organism - Official Ted Kaczynski VEVO @nachdermas when i was 22, my father, stumbling drunk and suicidal, felI and hit his head. he died instantly. that's when i realized, in the midst of my grief, how much i love beef stew. for this recipe, you'll need a slow cooker, 20:06 · 02 Dec 19 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Rusty @galleanisto Wow, 8pm already? Almost time to lay in bed and regret every choice l've ever made while scrolling Wikipedia articles about maritime disasters
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    Sticker Anxiety

    Font - nicole @nicole_pumpkins If you were the type of child that hoarded stickers because you couldn't commit to sticking them onto something and not be able to remove them in one piece..congrats, your now an anxious adult!
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    Hello, 911?

    Screenshot - CRIMEFEED.COM Why Do So Many Murderers Bury Victims In Their Own Backyards? O Like Comment A Share O 246 47 shares Mandy Carp Not everyone has the trunk space or gas money to drive way out in the middle of nowhere to dump their bodies. Check your privilege. We're all doing the best we can out here. 287
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    We've All Been There

    Rectangle - Bro is my professor ok Quiz: Practico tor Exam 3 Prezygotic Sympatric Semipatric Postzygotic Homeotic Question 52 1 pts You're at a club, doing your best "I-want-to-mate" dance, but nobody wants to dance with you because they don't understand what your dance is supposed to mean. Instead of mating. you go home depressed, eat a half-gallon of ice cream and wash it down with a fifth of vodka. This is a small-scale example of: O Behavioral isolation O Mechanical isolation O Temporal isol
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    Time To Buy New Underwear

    Product - r/AskReddit u/jwaynedonson 5h O 2 21 3 1 You're a hitman that only kills someone at their most inconvenient moment, at what moment do you strike? 4.0k 1.0k 1 Share Award BEST COMMENTS -ksguy- . 4h A O 2 e 17 Awards When they're putting on their underwear after a shower but their pinky toe got stuck on the hem and they're stumbling trying to get their toe untangled before falling over. Reply 1 5.5k
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    Cucked By Airport Security

    Organism - United Airlines O @united Do NOT wear a chastity device through airport security you will be detained. 11:32 AM · 7/14/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    In A Pickle

    Font - merritt k @merrittk You ever go to a guy's house and he doesn't have a bedframe? And he doesn't have a mattress? And you realize, this isn't a guy's house, it's that old haunted fairground? And then you hear laughter in the distance, faintly at first but getting closer and closer?
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    Horse Redeployment

    Font - snake plissken @orionn they should not give cops horses. give those horses to postal workers so i can sit out on my porch drinking iced tea and then a guy rides up on a horse and says "hey pal, got a letter for you here"
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    He Is Style, He Is Grace

    Font - Analyst70 16h 1 Award I got blocked and ghosted on snapchat after sending a selfie a lot of times. I start chatting with a girl and after i sent a selfie i would just get blocked. Dont let that discourage you, these kind of people dont deserve your time and effort anyway. I did eventually find someone and you will too. Just keep your head up and keep searching. G Reply 合358 3 starsinaparsec 15h 2 Awards Are we talking a normal selfie and then you were blocked, or was it a full body mirror


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