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Twitter Thread: Cultured Pets Experiencing The Struggle Of Multilingualism

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    Font - Danny Bate @DannyBate4 My girlfriend and I don't often speak Czech to each other, but we always speak Czech to the cat, who is not Czech, and also a cat. 11:25 AM - Aug 17, 2021 - Twitter for Android 10.3K Retweets 784 Quote Tweets 225.7K Likes

    Okay, let us get this straight, you communicate in one language with your girlfriend, who reciprocates in the same language, then they both talk to their cat in an entirely different language…we're confused. Seems like the cat's hella cultured though.

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    Cat - Danny Bate @DannyBate4 · Aug 17 Replying to @DannyBate4 Since I've been told off before for tweeting about the cat without providing a photo, here is the angelic creature in question this morning. ... Not sure how much longer we'll be hosting him, so enjoy him while you can. 123 17 263 17.1K
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    Font - Beatrice Schembri @GrumpyOwl7 · Aug 17 Replying to @DannyBate4 My partner speaks Croatian to our dog, I speak Italian, when together we use English. Dog grew up Dutch. We basically follow the 1Person 1Language approach, but with mixed results. Dog still refuses to speak. Heard speech delay is common. Will persevere. 18 t7 319 10.5K

    Woah woah woah, slow down. We got A LOT of cultures going on here. Okay, the partner speaks to the dog in Croation, Dad speaks Italian, together they speak English, and the Doggo is Dutch. Incredible!

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    Font - Luísa Jabbur @M_louisae · Aug 17 That's why cats are much better. I made it a point to speak with my cat in every language i know ever since she was a kitten. Now she can fluently ignore humans in at least 3 different languages 9 t7 330 6.4K
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    Facial expression - Neal Hockley @NealHockley · Aug 18 ... Speak to my cat in 3 languages, and it quickly learned "food" in all 3, but still struggles to master "get your arse off the table" in any of them. 27 63 1K
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    Photograph - Andrew Cuda @andrew_cuda · Aug 17 This is Buster, the Czech-speaking dog, on the left, along with his owner, my great-grandpa Vaclav, on the right (along with one of his grandkids). 16 27 43 2.9K
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    Font - Samuel Hedén Gynnå @SamHedGyn · Aug 17 Replying to @DannyBate4 There was a funny tweet by a Swedish guy. His dog only listened to Farsi because his wife is from Iran. But his pronounciation was so bad the dog wouldn't listen. So the dog was effectively teaching him Farsi. ... 8 27 68 2.9K
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    Font - Andrew Cuda @andrew_cuda · Aug 17 Replying to @DannyBate4 True story. My dad's grandfather, who only spoke Czech, adopted a stray dog. Then, his previous owner wanted him back. Unbeknownst to him, the dog now only responded to Czech commands. The previous owner, unable to control his own dog, conceded him back to my great-grandfather. 13 27 87 3.8K
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    Organism - AIMacD @OneroaAl · Aug 17 Replying to @DannyBate4 Our dog, being a shiba inu and cunning will respond to english from us and italian from our lodger. Obviously the provision of dog treats has a lot to do with his excellent comprehension of italian. 2 238 AIMacD @OneroaAl · Aug 17 ... Pretty sure he doesn't know any of his native japanese but you can never be sure with Shiba's. They have their own agendas.

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    Plant - Aylin Graves @AylinGraves · Aug 17 I s peak Turkish as my mother tongue & my husband speaks English. Our home language is a strange mix of mostly English with some Turkish expressions sprinkled. Our dog understands this strange language a ... 27 6 776


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