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Discussion: How Less Affectionate Dogs Express Love And Appreciation

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    Font - Posted by u/khosrove 6 days ago e 1.6k I guess my very self-sufficient labrador does like me [Fluff] My labrador girl is not a fan of petting or getting hugs, she doesn't mind sometimes and also lets me sleep cuddled up next to her on the couch at times, but more or less she's her own dog and just isn't into cuddling and petting. We we're on a boat trip recently and my friend accidentally pushed her into water. My labrador loves water, but is still afraid of swimming and always gets reall

    See! Just because your doggo does not bombard you with cuddles and demand constant attention does not mean that they don't love you! Like us humans, doggos each have their own unique personalities and no two doggos are the same.

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    Font - bm1992 · 6d Our lab mix is the same way. She's a great dog and clearly loves us and wants to be with us because she'll follow us around the house and even follows us at the dog park when we're leaving, but she only accepts ear scritches and the occasional pet. She'll whine if we try to cuddle her and then will physically move herself further away. The most we get is a very enthusiastic greeting when we come home, where she wants to jump on us to say hello, but then it's back to just coexi

    That enthusiastic greeting says it all for us. The excitement of your human getting home from work greatly outweighs the slight annoyance a doggo can feel as their human attempts to cuddle them.

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    Rectangle - Tommy7549 - 6d I have a 10 year old GSD/retriever mix that is not very affectionate. He is the polar opposite of a golden retriever. It took me a while to realize that he loves me just as much, just has a much more subtle way of showing it. Look for the little things: always has his eyes on you, looks at you instead of others, wants you to play with him and not anyone else, even if in another room, always knows where you are and comes to check on you, gets excited to do the things yo
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    Human body - katethegreat4 - 6d I have a lab mix who is also not super affectionate, but he definitely notices if I step away for a moment on a walk (with someone else holding the leash) or at the vet. I'm glad I'm not the only one. People we meet expect him to be super friendly and happy because he looks like a big friendly lab, but he's only interested in other people if the are sharing snacks. Your post made me feel a little better and reminded me that my dog does actually need me at times
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    Font - colieolieravioli - 6d My voice sounds a lot like OPs lab He is a Chow mix and naturally very aloof and independent, but all the little ways really show me that he loves me. When we lay in bed, he's not always pressed up against me, but a part of him will be touching. But then when I wake up he's all tangled in my legs. He's learn ed my routine for coming home. Generally my SO is home before I am, but then I call him when I get in the car to drive home. And I will hear my boy howling in th
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    Rectangle - tonightbeyoncerides · 5d My family calls this copilot mode, where the dog is just cruising along with you as you go about your day. All of my family's dogs have done this to some extent, but one dog in particular spent most of her golden years napping eight feet away from wherever my dad was. Any time he'd move from room to room or go outside, she'd wake up, follow him to the new location, and go back to sleep. The only time she was fully awake was when he would take her to the dump
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    Water - khosrove OP. 6d That's true, my labrador sometimes very decisively comes up to me on the couch and rolls on her back and wants scratches. But it's only when she rarely feels like it, so of course I always drop everything to get a moment with her where she's cuddly and sweet. I love both of my dogs. The dalmatian is a little suck up and will try to give me kisses whenever I scold her, like no no, I'm a good dog, you love me.
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    Rectangle - lamzydivey - 6d This is 100% my dog. She's a Chow mix and very independent, lives in her own world, has her own life. But she's always in the same room as me, doing her own thing. I always hear how dogs are a part of our world, but to dogs, we are their whole world, and I think these people haven't met my dog lol. I am definitely just a part of her world. But I enjoy that. Makes her demands for pets when she feels like it (yes she is a cat) extra special.
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    Mammal - hicccups · 6d IMO, one of the most intimate and bonding things you can do with pets or people is just to calmly, quietly share space. No pressure for interaction, just enjoying the moment of doing your own thing near each other. I've found it to be one of the best indicators of success for a relationship-you can do your own thing in the same room, not have to start up a conversation, and feel like you enjoyed it more just because of their presence. That's a great sign of a healthy relat
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    Rectangle - cait1284 · 6d I have an aloof labrador. Only wants affection on his own very specific terms, and is a definitive expert on social distancing (unless a human is holding food...). But he always follows me around and sits within six feet of me, so I consider that a win. (And I hear from lab handlers that it is actually not uncommon for labs to be a bit distant.) 328 Reply Give Award Share Report Save
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    Human body - ratedarf - 6d Our two Poms are exactly like this. Honey Bear needs to be in contact with a human at all times; the smaller one never wants to be on a lap or anything like that. But he demands scratches and will occasionally sleep near us. But he goes into gremlin mode if he's disturbed! Dogs love their humans, but they have different ways of expressing it.
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    Human body - superworking - 6d We have two dogs. One likes to sleep as far away from other people as possible, the other wants to sleep on your face, and isn't picky about who as long as he's in contact with someone. Dogs are just different it doesn't mean there's no love or any problems.
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    Rectangle - Mizzy3030 - 6d My lab mix is the *same* way. She is clearly attached to us (follows us around the house, makes eye contact on walks, hides between our legs when scared), but she hates being touched or cuddled. We always laugh, because the only time she jumps on the bed is when we're not on it, and if anyone is sitting on the couch she will give them the death stare until they either get up or make AMPLE room for her.

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