I Can Has Cheezburger?

Warm Stories Of Nervous Cats Finally Learning To Love Their Humans

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    Product - Carlos Maza @gaywonk Last week I adopted a very scared, anxious cat. Today he's sitting on my lap distracting me from editing. Meet Albert: 5:30 PM - Sep 10, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 445 Retweets 40 Quote Tweets 15.3K Likes

    All we can ever hope for is our cats eventually getting used to us and and becoming this affectionate. Having a cat show you this much love is an honor and something to cherish. We are so happy for you and Albert and wish all new cat owners the same fate. 

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    Furniture - holographic mom @tansysoftee Replying to @gaywonk ahh! this give me hope for my foster cat. he's such a sweetie but has lived the entire past week in hiding

    While we are at it, we would like to thank all of you for adopting all of these nervous little guys, especially those of you who got warnings about their behavior beforehand. Not everyone would have adopted cats with behavioral issues, and we know that it's not easy to take care of them. So, thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts. 

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    Cat - ian s @gay_angel Replying to @gaywonk Ok now l've gotta post my orange kitty too! Sybbie has always been extremely skittish with everyone but me. They said at the shelter she didn't like people, but she's been my little snuggle muffin since day one!
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    Window - Marian ... @MarzapRussell Replying to @amyisquitebusy and @gaywonk Omg that explains my Hank, sprawling across my chest near my face every morning. He's my first ginger.
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    Eyebrow - Margaret M. @margaret_mci Replying to @gaywonk Aw!! Hi Albert' Reminds me of my scaredy cat DD. First pic from adoption week (when she refused to come out if I was awake and hissed constantly) vs now: Choe dey hing
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    Cat - roxyw CY @roxyw Replying to @gaywonk This is Primrose who I rehomed from my cousin where she was not living her best life. She was really anxious, distrustful. Now she's a love bug (and has always behaved well in my loving home). It's so rewarding! I can tell you are a good one, based on all those lovely plants too!
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    Cat - Wendy Kammer @WendyKammert Replying to @gaywonk We almost surrendered on our rescue when he tried to kill us for the first week! Now he's a lovey trashy cuddle monster and chirps a lot Meet Theodore Edward Baby (Ted E Baby)
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    Vertebrate - nunya ... @nunya01608240 Replying to @gaywonk Our shelter kitty had all but four teeth surgically removed two days ago O. He has conquered scared and anxious like a BOSS! Back home and running the . We've had him two years now so we are show well trained.
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    Organism - Felicity Cobbing 3.5% #FBPE #GTTO ffs #BLM @FelicityCobbing Replying to @gaywonk Hi Albert! Meet Henrietta who adopted us as a very small, hungry stray kitten. 11 years on I think it's fair to say she's settled in
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    Cat - *Maddie KallieKittyCatDad, @NotHemply ... Replying to @gaywonk Yep. I rescued this sweetie from the rescue where she ended up after her human passed from COVID. She stayed in hiding for her 1st week as well but is now coming out of her shell. The BEST is rescue
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    Cat - down bad's cool dms for attractive people @the_damn_muteki Replying to @gaywonk and @tauriqmoosa Anxious cats are some of the absolute sweetest. Love this good orange boy already Here's my anxious gray buddy. He's like a little pitbull who meows
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    Cat - Juan M García @juanmgarcia Replying to @gaywonk Thank you for adopting! Two years in and my equally anxious rescue, Clovis, is finally feeling at home, takes some patience

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