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Nervous Kitty Re-Homed 5 Times Finally Finds Forever Home (Viral Thread)

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    "Adopted my first rescue kitty"


    "His name is Cheddar Kevin! We adopted him with the name Novak, but it got zero response from him and we're his 5th home so might be safe to assume he's had a few names. He seems to respond to Cheddy though so we're thrilled!"

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    "So we adopted him from the SPCA."


    "A rescue kitten who has been re-homed 5 times as mentioned. We saw his little face on the ad, called... and they basically told us he would pee on everything we owned. Constantly. They also said he's a sweetheart who really needs a forever home. He is just scared of other animals and kids. It's rather heartbreaking that he kept getting put into homes that had the same "busy" environment, and led him to get left at the SPCA so many times. I understand that these previous families tried to make it work, guess he just kept peeing on everything with no end in sight. So the SPCA decided to put him on anxiety meds to ease his stress and make sure the next adopters would be serious about taking him."

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    "We were a bit surprised from the information, and had to think about it."


    "We slept on it, discussed it over a million times. We were his best option being in a home with no other pets or children. Living outside the city where it's quiet. He had a chance to be better here, so maybe we needed to try."

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    "We spent a bunch of money on excellent cleaners and sprays to help him not pee outside the litter box. Then drove 2 hours each way to get our little fuzz ball."

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    "We’ve had him almost 3 weeks now, and would you believe it not a single incident outside the litter box!!"


    "He was scared at first of course but he warmed up quick and is seriously the sweetest boy.  He's been great, and we even took him off his meds. He's a purrrfect little homie who just wants a big window and cuddles."

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    "I honestly feel we won’t have any troubles with this cutie. I guess his environment just needed drastic changing, and now he’s a happy Cheddy Spaghetti."

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    "Loves the big ol belly scritches, especially if you “pull” on him haha."

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    "Another cute little sleepy photo of Cheddy K. We are so happy to have him in our lives. So glad we took the risk."


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