I Can Has Cheezburger?

Fuzzy Boys, Funny Photos, Pure Joy: Wholesome Animal Memes

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    "This photo has improved my day"


    Cats love baskets, and if they fits, they sits. Honestly, we could stare at chonky kitties sitting in baskets that are a little bit too small for them all day long. How did this fantastic feline get inside the box? How will this fantastic feline get out? 

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    Sleeve - Christopher Kimball @cpkimball Embarrassed Walrus with Fish Cake Presented on His Birthday...(no idea where this came from) •.. 4:18 PM · May 20, 2016 · Twitter Web Client

    Everyone should feel special on their birthday! That's why we're so happy to see that this walrus got a wholesome surprise of a birthday fish cake. What a big cutie he is as he covers his eyes in emabrassment. This big baby deserves all of the fish cakes in the world!

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    "They've been dating for more than a year now"

    Food - 煎
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    Jaw - holding giorno's hand @hiatus @chisakanon if you've ever wondered exactly what cats do with their paws and limbs when they loaf here you go 9:55 PM · Jul 13, 2020 · Twitter Web App
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    Product - yeah @amanda_catale Please look at my child getting himself into a pickle on the new cat tree
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    Cat - When you wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and your cat has to fulfill his obligation to watch you pee
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    Rectangle - prokopetz there are two types of pet owners: 1. my baby!!! my cinammon apple!! 2. naughty boy. ugly. stinky bastard man. darkestchasm Bold of you to assume this is not the same person.
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    Rectangle - pyonkotchi who am I supposed to invite to my wedding when i have like three friends and dislike most of my family? rodentmancy Hear me out Dogs and cats in fancy clothes
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    "I left my humidifier on all day and now my cat looks raggedy asf"

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    Forehead - I die My dog: My Cat: Yes, very sad. Anyway
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    Dog - Me holding the tool dad wanted me too while learning new swears and slurs made with mematic

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