I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heartwarming Moments Capturing Animals' Love For Humans

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    "My son has autism and one of his unique trait, is his need for physical contact at all times. Barb came into our lives and elected herself to the position of weighted blanket & bodyguard."


    We will never understand those people out there who say that they don't want dogs because dogs are clingy. There is nothing better than a dog showing you love. It's not only wholesome, it brings the best out of you and out of everyone. We hope these two will stay friends for a long, long time. 

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    "B**** cat who hates and attacks/runs from everybody but owner now madly in love with two week old sister. Keeps a watchful eye out when anybody outside immediate family holds the baby. Comes running every time she cries with a head bump to console her."


    For those of you worried about how your cats will react to a newborn baby in the house, this kind of thing happening is much more common than you may think. Cats tend to love babies. Babies smell like milk, cats can't help it. Also, we are sure that cats see them as creatures with potential - still young enough to train them to help cats with world domination.

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    "This image of a homeless child sleeping with her dog in Pasay City, Philippines touches the hearts of many. 11-year-old Renzy and her dog Princess."

    Floor - Earth Star
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    "This is how he sleeps. He loves his mama"

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    "Floof pillow"

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    "Fist bump from random kitty on our walk"

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    "Little wild starling baby friend flew in to hang out of nowhere . He also cleaned my ear for me."

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    "He would still hold the bottle even after the bottle was empty"

    Cat - start each day Jratef
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    "Absolute bliss making up for lost cuddles after a weekend away"

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    "Age Dosent matter to Play"

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    "Ares the GSD is the proudest pillow"

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    "Our cuddly bug ? Took some months for her to warm up to us (stray) but now she needs a lap 24/7"

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    "My snuggle bug caring for me when I was sick"

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    "Cuddles for the little and big human"


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