Guy Tricks Phone Thief Into Turning in His Sister's Phone In to the Police

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    My little sister who is going to be a senior worked hard all summer to buy an iPhone, only to have it stolen (or fall out, she is still not entirely sure) out of her boyfriends car a week ago. She had not activated the find my iphone app so we reported it stolen but were pretty sure someone was just being gifted a free iphone courtesy of my sister's summer wages. On top of that, she had also bought a wallet case and lost all her ID's and cards as well.So yesterday I get this text from a strange number. I give my sister a quick call to make sure it is not her and effectively realize someone is fishing through her contacts or documents  to get her password.I am well aware after the WTH that his is not my sister BTW.

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    I was bored so I say to myself, why not have some fun. We will never get the phone back, but what the heck, might as well kill some time.

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    I am certain that his or her insistence will at the very least make this an lengthy exchange.

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    I'm convinced this person is humoring me and just stringing me along until I cave.

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    No one can be buying this!

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    Again, I am thinking, he is humoring me but I was like, let's see how long this lasts until he stops texting me back.

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    AVERY FTW!!!!

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    My sister got an email this morning. I have peaked!

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