I Can Has Cheezburger?

Instances Of Sneaky Doggos Stealing Human Food And Ruining Human Dinner Plans

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    Font - Ceviche recipe for dog owners [Fluff] I just cooked this precise recipe: 1. Peel and devein the shrimp 2. Take the garbage out, they stink quickly if left alone. 3. Return to the kitchen that you left unattended for a few moments 4. Order pizza 1.2k 58 1, Share + Award

    So descriptive! We love a thorough recipe with tons of details and helpful tips! 

    HAHAHA JK. Stop cooking and go order a pizza, your dog is probably going to hop up to the counter while you're not looking and steal it from you anyway. Always have a back up!

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    Font - Mbwapuppy · 20h Five stars. Highly recommend! This recipe is simple and also highly adaptable. Just use your imagination. Steak tartare, yellowtail sushi.... Reply 1 45 + ...
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    Font - dasher11 · 7h I was once reheating a steak l'd taken home from a restaurant. Full NY strip. I'd only taken a couple bites. I took it out of the pan (heating on stovetop), set it on plate, went to the sink to wash my hands, with my back to the steak across the kitchen. I turned around less than 15 seconds later and it was gone. Next to the counter was a very happy looking Puggle, licking her lips. She was only about a foot high, and I had no idea she was capable of reaching the counter. l'

    Oh nooooo. That full NY strip is truly a loss, we don't even want to know how expensive it was! At least we can say with great confidence that this sneaky doggo had a delicious meal, and ruined this human's dinner plans. Oh well! 

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    Font - Mbwapuppy · 18h I first encountered ceviche for dog owners whilst traveling through the Peruvian countryside with my then-husband Silvester, our daughter Madison, our son Tyler, and our dog Bella. Madison, just on the cusp of adolescence, was troubled by acne and extremely grumpy.... It had long been a dream of mine to.... But little did I imagine.... Since then, ceviche for dog owners has been a family favorite--simple, foolproof and versatile..
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    Font - Luallone • 16h Basically the dog version of Forrest Gump I also don't see any reviews that go like this: "I didn't have shrimp so I so used garden slugs, I didn't have lime juice so I used coffee creamer, I put it in to marinate for half an hour but forgot about it and left it out for two weeks, but still ate it anyways. It was HORRIBLE. -1000/5 stars, disgusting recipe." 4 52 3 +
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    Font - mcac • 18h a this reminds me of the time I was living with my grandma and her 3.massive dogs, she was making a beef roast and left it on the counter to cool, went to the bathroom and when she returned the whole roast was gone, just vanished into thin air with no evidence left behind or anything. Since all of the dogs could reach the counter she never even knew who did it G Reply 1 43
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    Font - NewYearNewYEET • 14h The other day I spend hours, and many dollars, unknowingly making my dog a smoked salmon puff pastry. He loved it, and I will never know how it was Reply 1 22
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    Human body - thenorthgiant • 18h Great recipe, can't mess it up! I added a modification and ordered sushi instead which also worked out great. 10/10!
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    Font - Estaca-Brown • 17h I remember with my old beagle when he was a puppy. I was making stuffed Poblano Chile peppers (chiles rellenos) and he went nuts with the smell of the roasting peppers and then with the smell of the meat filling. I spent more than one hour making the peppers. I set the table and went to get some extra napkins when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow move fast, jump on the table and run to hide. I followed the little bastard and watched him with a full pepper in h
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    Font - OnExtendedWings · 13h disc dogs: Aussie | Aussie/Kelpie mix (CGC) My childhood beagle was rather notorious during a stay at my grandma's house. Grandma had made a big kulich (Russian Easter bread, about 12" tall by 8" diameter) and put it in the center of the huge dining table. She went into the backyard for a few minutes and returned to find my beagle on the table chowing on the kulich. It was basically eaten all the way down to the paper doily on the plate.
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    Font - howgreenwas • 11h My beagle was alone with a 20 piece bucket of KFC. He ate 8 pieces of chicken, bones and all in about 90 seconds. I figure 4000 calories. His tummy was stretched tight for the rest of the day. + 4 HypnoticKitten · • 10h Mine did the same thing. We had company for dinner and had kfc and there was about 6 or so large pieces left in the bucket that was resealed and in the middle of the table. Went to see our guests out maybe 2 minutes later we came back and the whole bucket
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    Font - merkk • 18h One of my dogs did something similar once - my dad left a slice of chocolate cream pie on the table. My dog was very considerate - she licked all the whip cream off but left him the chocolate cream underneath. My mother and I walked into the dining room to find our dog, a big german shepherd, standing, all 4 legs, on the dining room table. We all just stared at each other for like 3 seconds and then my mom and I burst out laughing. The dog never did that again - i think she wa
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    Rectangle - smolxstrange · 17h On the 4th of July one year our family dog ate 2 dozen hot dogs in maybe 45 seconds while my mom was bringing other food out to the yard. The dog had no shame until the diarrhea started... 10 3
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    Font - AttractiveNuisance37 · 15h This was super well timed and made me laugh, because I actually have a bowl of shrimp thawing on the counter for the dogs right now. Their favorite summer activity is "shrimp party," where we throw shrimp off our elevated deck and they run around the yard sniffing them out. Our old man is 12, and we adopted him earlier this year. He was an owner surrender, and while I have no idea what his life was like up until then, I have no doubt he was dearly loved. Our onl

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