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Dehydrated Bobcat Kitten Gets Rescued And Grows Into A Beauty

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    According to Cole And Marmalade, all the way back in 2010, a bobcat kitten - whose name is now Yemaya - was discovered by a group of construction workers at a well-drilling site east of Phoenix. She was tiny, all alone, and clearly dehydrated. Not only that, but she was also crying, so one of the construction workers, trying to help, attempted to feed her. Of course, she was too young at the time to eat the cat food that they offered her, she needed her mother's milk, but her mother was nowhere to be seen.

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    Thankfully for Yemaya, these workers did not give up on her. During the day, they played with her in their office. However, she turned down everything that they offered for her to eat. She was unable to process solid good and needed to nurse. As the day progressed, she was becoming more dehydrated, and quickly, the workers realized that they needed help from experts. 

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    So, they reached out to Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale. By that time, the bobcat kitten had sadly already imprinted on people, and that meant that her life was going to change forever. When the volunteer from Southwest Wildlife had arrived, a man was cuddling the tiny bobcat, but she cried for her mother. 

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    After getting to the care center, Yemaya received baby formula made just for bobcats. She began growing and thriving, bonding closely with the rehabilitators. It was easy for her to bond with them because of how early in her life she came into contact with people. Now, she does not act like a regular bobcat at all. 

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    "She's one of the most un-bobcat-like bobcats at the sanctuary," the center wrote. "She doesn't use her teeth or her claws when playing and is afraid of other bobcats. We knew Yemaya could never be a wild bobcat, so now she has a permanent home at the sanctuary. Could she have been released if people hadn't handled her? Possibly."

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    Felidae - 洲協

    Years after her rescue, Yemaya is still being cared for, and the center decided to share her story to bring awareness to the existence of other wild cats who are not capable of going back to the wild. "We adore her and are so glad we were there when she needed us, but what if she had been brought to us in time to keep her wild?" the center wrote on Facebook. "She could have lived the wild life she was born for. Please call a wildlife rehabilitator as soon as you find a wild orphan. Give that animal a second chance at their wild life."

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    Today, Yemaya is known as "Divine Miss Yemaya," the "Bobcat Diva," and "Queen Diva of all that is feline" at the Southwest Wildlife center. She prefers living alone, does not like sharing the spotlight, and thanks to generous donations, she has everything that she needs to live a happy life. "She has no idea she's a bobcat. Our beautiful girl thinks bobcats are scary, loves dogs and shows off for tour groups," the center wrote on Facebook.

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    She loves resting in a hammock and playing around in the pool. And though she was incapable of being put back into the wild, she seems perfectly content. We can only hope that other wild animals who can't take care of themselves in the wild would be taken care of as well as her. And we, of course, have to thank every person involved in her care and in her story - from the construction workers who took it upon themselves to save her, to her carers, all the way to the people who donated. 

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