Real Estate Agent Tries To Raise Application Fee After Couple Pays Application Fee, Totally Backfires

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    Font - r/RegularRevenge u/[deleted] • 258d + Join Real Estate agent raises the price of house after we already paid our application fee. Petty (On mobile, apologies for spelling, grammer, formatting.) Also, I tried posting this on petty revenge and it was removed immediately by anyways:
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    Font - My girlfriend and I were looking for place to live in a new city where she had just accepted an internship that didn't pay but would hopefully open big opportunities in the future (I travel for work so it's easy for me to live anywhere.) We looked and looked but there was nothing in our price range so we increased a few hundred dollars and finally found a house. It was a bit pricey for what it was; but we weren't finding any better places. The lease term was written as 1 or 2 years. We we
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    Font - So a few days go by and we hear back from the agent, our application was accepted but the owner wants 150$ more rent than was advertised, per month, since we were only wanting to sign the 1-year lease. I mentioned that it seemed unfair that she had taken our 100$ application fee before telling us about this price increase, but I kept it pretty civil since I didn't want to burn a bridge for the only viable option we had. She assured me condescendingly that this was perfectly legal and that
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    Font - We were so frustrated. The place was so expensive for what it was, especially considering the condition that it was in. It really was tiny (the bedrooms were about 10' x 10') which made me feel a little claustrophobic, and the walls were very dirty from the former tenants who apparently had a couple big dogs living inside. There was literally dirt and grease smeared around the walls on the entire interior at about the height of a large dog. The yard was overgrown and trashed but the lease
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    Font - We had paid 50 dollars each for the application fee and now felt as if we had been bait and switched, but had no other good options and our deadline was coming up fast.. My girlfriend was crying and we both felt like homeless misfits that were terrible at life.. I couldn't sleep in our hotel that night but when I pulled up my bookmarked craigslist housing searches I saw something new. A place that looked nice, and was about 500$ cheaper than the house! Actually inside our original price r
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    Rectangle - We were still angry about the other house. The agent had taken our 100$ and raised the price on us, probably because she knew how tight the rental market was in the area and that we may not have oth V options. It had been just one day since she informed us about the 150$ monthly price increase. I typed an
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    Font - angry email about how we were bait and switched, etc.. but knew that it probably wouldn't get us our 100$ back and that they would probably barely even read it.. I asked my girlfriend if I should sent it. She then came up with a brilliant plan for revenge: do nothing. First I deleted the email without sending it.. and we moved into our new place... A few days went by and I got a text message from the agent of the other house asking if we were still interested. I replied that we were still
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    Font - recieved a call from the agent who seemed to have forgotten about us until then and she was frantic about getting the lease signed. I made up excuses: my girlfriend was very ill! We need a few more days. We are still 100% interested, and I will call her on Monday to set up a meeting. On Monday I typed up an email: "Sorry but we decided not to move in after all! Thanks anyways!" My girlfriend and I smiled nervously together as we shot the email off.
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    Font - The phone rang almost immediately, it was the agent. I exchanged glances with my girlfriend and answered it, putting her on speaker phone. She was very upset that she hadn't shown her place for over 2 weeks and that her well qualified tenants were dropping out. She pleaded with me to reconsider. "What if I dropped the price back to the original price in the ad?" She asked with desperation heavy in her voice. "Ummmmmmmmmm" I pretended to think about it. I Looked over at my girlfriend and s

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