Entitled Choosy Beggar Can't Be Reasoned With Over Original Asking Price

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    Rectangle - Hello I'm interested can you let it go for $100 ? 3d No. 3d Do you except any offer 3d $175 firm. 3d Can you do $150 I'll pick up tomorrow 10L Type a message..
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    Rectangle - Where is your location to pick up 17h I have another offer for $175. If you can match that and pick up tomorrow let me know. Closest intersection is 16h Ok l'll pick up it's working fine right? 16h Yea it's been tested in my backyard recently. It's in good working order. 16h Type a message..
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    Rectangle - If is it working fine l'll get it you can't do for $150 16h I have a pending offer for $175. l'd rather get it for my asking price. 16h Ok 16h When he pick up 16h He said a few days. 16h Type a message..
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    Rectangle - Ok thx 16h l'll pick up for $150 tomorrow 16h If you want l'Il wait until he comes 16h Or l'll pick up tomorrow for $150 16h I'm so serious l'll pick up tomorrow for sure for $150 16h Type a message..
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    Rectangle - Okay? Be serious all you want. I'm not haggling with you. How many times do I have to say $175 FIRM? 16h Ok 16h Thx 16h I can pick up tomorrow for $150 16h Station end Type a message..
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    Rectangle - Ok 16h Thx 16h I can pick up tomorrow for $150 16h Station end 16h The price just went up to $200. Read 16h Type a message.


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