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Mouse-Deers Look Like Badly Drawn Dogs And Twitter Can Not Even

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    Plant - Rob N Roll TM ... @thegallowboob Meet the Chevrotain, aka the mouse deer. They have hooves and look like how you'd draw a dog if you sucked at drawing. 11:32 PM · Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.4K Retweets 1,044 Quote Tweets 87.7K Likes

    How is this somehow the most confusing animal we have ever encountered. And we have seen a lot of animals during out internet escapades, trust us. A mouse, a deer and a horribly drawn dog all at once. Nature really does manage to amaze us sometimes. 

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    Organism - Rob N Roll TM ... @thegallowboob It's wild how in different parts of the world, deer evolved to be more rodent-like and rodents evolved to be more deer-like. Evolution buffering 11:57 PM - Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 171 Retweets 8 Quote Tweets 2,578 Likes
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    Font - Jason Robinson ... @VafeR Replying to @thegallowboob I was at a zoo, and stopped dead in my tracks, captivated by the sight of one of these. A possiblyyyyy- Russian? woman was standing there, having the same moment. We stood there in silence for a moment, then she looked me and said: 10:23 AM Oct 9, 2021 from Bellingham, WA Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Jason Robinson ... @VafeR Replying to @VafeR and @thegallowboob "It looksz like a mousze." I said the only think I could say, which was: "It looks like a deer." She blinked, and murmured aloud what we were both thinking: "Mouse deer." and then we both walked away. ... 10:26 AM Oct 9, 2021 from Bellingham, WA Twitter for iPhone

    This feels like the start of a kid's comedy show where the two of you would have gone on weird adventures and fell in love. Truthfully, we are horribly sad that is not what happened between you guys, feels like a terribly missed opportunity for a Shakespearean-level love story.

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    Font - Jason Robinson ... @VafeR Replying to @VafeR and @thegallowboob I wonder if she remembers this moment, wherever she may be. It was a *bond* we shared, in that moment. 10:26 AM - Oct 9, 2021 from Bellingham, WA Twitter for iPhone
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    Organism - Roderick Cairns ... @roddycairns Replying to @thegallowboob and @RexChapman At first I thought it was a photoshop job. But I think it's just the angle with the foreshortened neck that makes it look more mouselike and less deer-like than chevrotains normally do. 2:43 AM Oct 9, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Organism - O froglady @babyoyoda ... Replying to @roddycairns @thegallowboob and @RexChapman Here's some cute pics I took of one a few months ago 4:25 PM - Oct 9, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Organism - Eugene is trying to finish art (sorry l'm slow) @FamiliarAlien Replying to @thegallowboob I love this tiny bizarre deer. Also from looking it up these are the among the nifty species of deer that have basically saber teeth instead of antlers. Here's a photo of a Philippine mouse deer where is super noticeable: Klaus Rudioff, Berlin 7:50 PM · Oct 9, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Nature - Sushimom Join DSA ... @Sushimom_10 Replying to @thegallowboob Rob ueas Photography 12:58 AM · Oct 9, 2021 - Twitter Web App
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    Nature - Josh ... @chxpotpi Replying to @thegallowboob That is an unusual looking chevrotain. I'm more used to them being brown. Also it's odd you'd specify they have hooves..of course they do, they are the world's smallest deer (cervid). 8:34 PM · Oct 9, 2021 Twitter for iPad
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    Nature - HorridJ ... @HaroldJ NEPA Replying to @chxpotpi and @thegallowboob Hooves...and adorable little fangs! 4:59 AM - Oct 10, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Mrs. O'Hara's Minion @MrsOHarasMinion Replying to @thegallowboob *me, this picture in hand, showing up at 1st grade teacher retirement community* Mrs. Simmons? l'd like to discuss my lack of a gold star on my artwork because it wasn't "based in reality." 7:41 AM Oct 9, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Light - josh @Brosullivan ... Replying to @FOXXTAILZ and @thegallowboob Literally just saw this on Facebook Just a quick note - these exist Chevrotain aka the mouse deer Yes they have hooves. And they look like the dogs I drew in kindergarten 4:13 PM - Oct 9, 2021 - Twitter for Android


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