I Can Has Cheezburger?

Twitter Users Share Their Cat Lady Origin Stories With The World

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    Font - ... @gopissgorl unfollowed a ton of ppl on insta then followed a few cat meme accounts. this is my crazy cat lady origin story

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    Font - the Stabbers ... @stavvers my cat lady tendencies have now intensified to the point that I not only carry cat treats with me to bribe cats to friendship, I also carry some *better* cat treats to give only after they have let me pet them

    Wow… now this is an incredible origin story. I mean imagine keeping one set of basic cat treats, and then one set of slightly better cat treats for the extra special cats. That's truly another tier of crazy cat lady in the best way possible and we love it!

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    Dog - Jocelyn Bartlett @bostonjoc ... Officially a crazy cat lady
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    Plant - Dana Bishop @danafbishop I'm the "crazy cat lady" today because we had to leave the apartment while the landlord did some work, and I couldn't think of anything to do with them besides go to the park.
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    Furniture - Di Ericson @EricsonDi I SWORE that l'd never be that CAT LADY ON (SIGH.) TWITTER. Woe is me.
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    Cat - PAIGES ... @tveyhung it was boba's bday today so he got to wear his wings all day and a catchuterie board for dinner being a crazy cat lady i embrace INUTRISSE
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    Cat - ... That Becky @Beckolta I'm one cat closer to being a crazy cat lady. Meet Montgomery (Monty) ent SPat No.
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    Outerwear - paige @paigenichole_25 Okay I may be a crazy cat lady...
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    Forehead - Dana Whyte @dwhytereports ... You're not a crazy cat lady until you have earrings of your cat and wear them on tv
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    Product - Elle-O-Ween @elle em Just some cats having treats. All cats!! Only cats!
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    Photograph - Magali Vaz IO @magali_c ... Found my cat lady origins. Making my school bestie click photos of me with a stray kitten. I was always destined for this life. LOY SMT LOV SNT
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    Product - ... BILQUIS BILQUISI @BilquisBilquis_ Crazy Cat lady Loading estray

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