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Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (October 18, 2021)

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    Dog breed - Me: *is having a horrible day* All my friends coming to support me:

    As Bill Whithers once sung, "Lean on me, when you're not strong". In this case, the song could be reinterpreted for all these adorable puppers, to be "Cuddle me, when you're not strong" because that's exactly what these puppies look absolutely ready to do. Such good and supportive boys! 

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    Dog - When you're bored because you're playing by yourself but then you see your best friend come online

    Awww! We did promise that this list would be heartwarming, and what is a sweeter than a doggo supporting his friends, both online and in real life. What a pawsitive and wholesome pupper! Hopefully he'll have fun with his friend playing the game and so will his friend, such a cute doggy duo!

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    Dog - official-andy-warhol I could never go to Australia because dingos look like normal dogs and I couldn't trust myself not to try to pet them. official-andy-warhol what do you mean these good boys can kill me
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    Hat - Someone dressed a Pomeranian dog up as Paddington Bear and now the world seems a slightly better place to be in than it did yesterday PURE
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    Dog - So my dog has a closet for all of his neck ties and bow ties
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    Head - When you sneeze and a random stranger says 'Bless You' Thank you I will never forget this I would fight for you
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    Bird - This crow couple has been together for over 12 years. She broke her beak 8 years ago in a car crash. He has patiently fed her and loved her ever since
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    Hand - Yeah sex is cool but have you ever pspspspspsp to a cat on the street and it came running towards you?
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    Asphalt - Keeping your goth girlfriend hydrated during the summer
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    Water - When your dog photobombs a great waterfall Pic, but it turns out OK.

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