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World Of Animals: Inside A Secret Japanese Rabbit Island

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    Okunoshima Island is located near the Japanese city of Takehara.

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    According to @maxartechnologies, Okunoshima Island is 1.86 miles off the coast of Japan. Historically the island held a disturbing purpose, housing a weapons plant, but in 1945 all of that was dismantled and the island became an uninhabited park. Today the island is a rabbit sanctuary and tourist attraction. Hunting the rabbits is forbidden, and dogs and cats are not allowed on the island. 

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    The island has become quite popular with tourists.

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    Tourists flock to the island on sunny days and holidays and feed the rabbits pellets and cabbage. But according to takepart.com, all the tourist visits and subsequent feedings have led to an unsustainable population boom that has destroyed the island's ecosystem.

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