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12 Kitties That Look Like Just Like Michael Clifford, 5SOS Singer And Guitarist

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    Nose - michael archive ... @mgccontents proofs that michael clifford is a kitten: a thread

    Awww, blep! Look at this chonky boi (we mean the one on the right of course) with his cute little tongue out! We love this, it's truly awwdorable. Such a cutie patootie. We can honestly say that we do see a bit of a resemblance there, but let's keep scrolling to see if there's even more.

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    Cat - michael archive @mgccontents

    Oh wow, this is basically the same person. We have no words, other than "Woaah", because frankly the resemblance is getting stronger with every kitten doppelganger that we see. Does Michael Clifford know that he basically resembles a smol and expressive kitten all the time?

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    Cat - michael archive @mgccontents
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    Glasses - michael archive @mgccontents ADANG
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    Nose - michael archive @mgccontents NER: 1000 7: 100
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    Cat - michael archive @mgccontents
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    Photograph - michael archive @mgccontents
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    Photograph - michael archive @mgccontents
  • 9
    Nose - michael archive @mgccontents Blue AMAZ SPIDER W
  • 10
    Outerwear - michael archive ... @mgccontents
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  • 11
    Nose - michael archive @mgccontents
  • 12
    Cat - michael archive @mgccontents Blue MALW SPIDER W Cwhead Owhead CURE

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