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Thread: Stray And Malnourished Cat Picks A Human To Adopt

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    "I got adopted by George."


    "George found me in an alley at 2 am last Friday night. Crying out to me, starved and malnourished. Ever so friendly though."

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    "I started off just bringing him some milk and some deli meat. He graciously accepted."

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    "He was so affectionate, I brought him inside for the night. Put him in the bathroom and plugged in a nightlight for him. I didn't want him to get lonely, so I grabbed some pillows and blankets and camped out in the bathroom with him. He repaid my kindness with snuggles. (Yes, I checked for fleas before I brought him inside)"

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    "Next day, I took him back to the alley to let him find his… whatever. And even though we walked for 2 blocks looking for his home, he never alerted or acted like he knew where he was. He followed me right back to my apartment."

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    "I put up some posters locally and posted in several FB groups. No one has come forth to claim him."

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    "George is always 4' away from me at all times… eating, sleeping, working… showering, just wants to be near me and loved."

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    "I should have made a bigger desk!"

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    "He loves to hold hands. I'm assuming he is 8-10 months, still has very kittenish behavior. After a lot of research, I discovered he is an oriental tabby. Interesting breed!"

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    "I figured if he's going to live with me, might as well get used to road trips. So in the car we went. Had no issues driving around and hitting errands with me. Leash training starts this weekend!"

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    "My fear…. The vet on Friday, is he chipped? was he dumped because of an illness? Is there something wrong with him? As much as I want to see him reunited with his family, I've come to love him and he is what I need in life right now. 

    I've even changed my IG from JaycesAdventuresAlone to AdventuresOfJayceandGeorge"


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