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Spooktober Special: Black Cat Appreciation Collection

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    "Someone decided to explore under the house."


    Just in time for the final Spooktober black cat special this year, this cat has truuuly embraced the spookiness. Honestly, we have never seen a more Halloween-y cat than this. Also omg, please someone help this child and remove the scary spiderwebs from its face aaah.

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    "Dion is our office cat. He’s an interesting old man."

    Cat - EMPLOYE G Cha rion CALL CHA

    Thank you. That's it. That's all we have got to say about this picture. Thank you for taking in this senior and giving it such a wholesome and awwdorable environment to live in. Not everyone would have taken in a cat, let alone a senior, let alone a senior black cat. Whatever that opffice does, you guys are doing god's work over there.

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    "my majestic older lady, Suki (9). I rescued her one week again and we are already best buds"

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    "Bear, my former feral tough guy, and his foster fail Bernadette"

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    "This adorable baby was dropped off outside my mom's house by the state's catch and release program. She meowed by the door until she was let inside to stay."

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    "This is Boo, he is a mini panther"

  • 7

    "I mean, he DOES have a face-just not when he closes his eyes."

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    "This is my sweet girl Daphne. She's a little bit derpy. ?"

  • 9

    "Sometimes they love each other"

  • 10

    "Found this little one dumped alongside a Chili’s parking lot. Meet our newest little fighter, Chili"

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    "Adopted this little guy a few weeks ago, his name is Pluto :)"

  • 12

    "This little lady was found in the woods… any name suggestions?"

  • 13

    "Trapped by an adorable baby void"

    Cat - AZING ONIAC PATIEN1 CIAL ONG i love your 1000 ORRY 121 即
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    "His standard position is cat loaf... Until he sees a human and reaches toward them for pets."

  • 15

    "Buddy being an adorable creep"


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