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Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (October 24, 2021)

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    Cat - token was mad he couldn't fit in the kitten house so he squished it

    Honestly, we think that this is what cat haters think that all cats are like - destroying everything, vindictive, jerks. And they are! Of course, we, as cat people. look at this and think "aww, look at this grumpy little doofus, we love him so much." Cats being jerks is part of why we love them, and we ain't got no shame about that. 

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    Vertebrate - Your child is being eaten by a camel. Do you a) save your child or b) take a photo.

    Oh, the way we have two instincts inside of us fighting right now. The child… the child must be helped. There will be fear and so much spit. We must help the child. That is the only rational thing to do. But then… the picture opportunity, the meme opportunity, it's too great of a miss. Oh lawd. 

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    Bird - When you've already coughed 3 times in class and you're trying not to cough again
  • 4
    Photograph - You became the very thing you swore to destroy
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  • 5
    Cat - Mood for the whole of October:
  • 6
    Bird - A message to my enemies.
  • 7
    Cat - me at every cat in existence:
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  • 8
    Cat - When you discover what your cat really has been up to while you're at work.
  • 9
    Product - Raccoons often eat their leftovers cold because no one ever taught them how to use a microwave. @raccfact
  • 10
    Dog - My neighbors were afraid of my dog so l put a wig on him
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  • 11
    Bird - When everyone in your life seems pleasantly surprised that you haven't lost your shit-but you have, in fact, completely lost your shit Look how calm she is as well!
  • 12
    Organism - sometimes I wonder why so many ppl in my life turn out to be garbage @nocturnaltrashposts .but then I remember I have trash taste
  • 13
    Organism - 4 cute cats
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  • 14
    Cat - When you are angry with each other but still do video call
  • 15
    Cat - My cats keep pushing each other in my trash can
  • 16
    Photograph - Bartender: Ur cut off. Ur wasted Dog: I've only had 3 beers Bartender: Yeah but that's 21 dog beers REBEL IPA JACE LIVES HE IG: @tank.sinatra
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  • 17
    Handle - When your cat finds out you're in the bathroom without them
  • 18
    Product - Please Keep Door Shut CornBread is OUT P.S. He is NOT hungry He is a LIAR
  • 19
    Cat - I aspire to be as calm as this cat when things are falling apart around me
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  • 20
    Dog breed - My friend got a new cat that likes to climb on banisters

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