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Artist Creates Awwdorable Minimalist Line Drawings Of Cats

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    a cuddly cat + a cartoon cat = pawfection!

    Product - poorly drawn cats @poorlycatdraw boo Brandon-per

    Awwww! This line drawing is just pure pawfection! We honestly couldn't imagine a drawing that sums up the gist of this cats essence any better than this one right here does! Look at the tiny little ghost. Boo! Such a smol tiny ghost. Someone needs to tell awwdorable black cats that people can still see them if the sheet is too short. 

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    People have even gotten tattoos of Heloisa's cat drawings!

    Cat - Madelinn @sadelinn Replying to @poorlycatdraw Made an impulsive decision today

    Wow, this is such a cute tattoo! We absolutely love it, our only question is can you get an entire sleeve of awwdorable line art cat tattoos? It's just such an awwdorable tattoo! Pure serotonin on your arm. It's also a brilliant recreation of the cute little photo. Such a cute tiny halloween cat.

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    White - poorly drawn cats @poorlycatdraw what are those
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    Cat - poorly drawn cats @poorlycatdraw ... welcome to the spooky season
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    Cat - Katherine ... @katherine77 Look at my child! Thank you thank you @poorlycatdraw
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    Cat - throat goat @dj_bluntz my only begotten son immortalized by @poorlycatdraw
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    Cat - уеcatS @555_SSS Thanks @poorlycatdraw for my drawings
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    Product - Katie Schrader @ktschrader Just a thicc girl and her television set. Thank you @poorlycatdraw
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    Cat - Elizabeth @_TheLiz_ When I received the email that my commission was done, my serotonin skyrocketed immaculate job at poorly @poorlycatdraw did an drawing my baby bois
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    Vertebrate - Paul Bufano of the Colgate Comedy Hour @CowAtHeart . @poorlycatdraw has, once again, fucking crushed it
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    Cat - meg, the fairy BOOkmother : A @thefairybooks Galaxy and Broccoli immortalized by @poorlycatdraw!!! They are so perfect and I love them so much!!! RECY SIHI
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    Brown - sarah kim ... @sarah_hk_kim Did I commission three line drawings from @poorlycatdraw? YES AND THEYRE PERFECT
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    Vertebrate - K8 @K8_Mac The day has finally come -I got my @poorlycatdraw drawings l'm obsessed!!!! never looked so poorly drawn Toulouse and Mac have BMe

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