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Glorious Gator Memes and Tweets That Will Croc Your World

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    Crocodile - Alligators can live up to 100 years which is why there is an increased chance that they will see you later.

    Wow, you sure do learn something new everyday. Who knew that alligators are so heckin' good at seeing you later? No wonder the expression goes the way it does, you learn something new everyday. Let's go on to the next meme and see what else we can learn about this fun species.

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    Water - Meanwhile in Florida, the finders keepers game is strong.

    Ooh, ooh, a free pool float! Our favorite part about this incredible photo is how chill and relaxed the alligator seems. Just look at him, chilling at the pool, not a care in the world. Clearly he's devoted to having a croc girl summer, ahaha, we sure do croc ourselves up.

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    Furniture - Gator Facts @GatorFacts Alligators were the first animals in space, beating humans by at least three hundred years.
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    Crocodile - Мy Man
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    Shorts - Gators Daily @GatorsDaily ... What an absolutely incredible headline Incredible moment TWELVE zookeepers wrestle sex-obsessed 350kg monster reptile named Kanye to 'alligator jail' until he cools off and stops attacking other animals By Levi Parsons For Daily Mail Australia 16:28 27 Oct 2021, updated 16:28 27 Oct 2021 OVER-SEXED AND 'AGGRESSIVE KANYE THE ALLIGATOR COULD TAKE AN ARM OFF
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    Smile - Gator Facts @GatorFacts The first president of the US was actually an alligator named Alvin. Alvin was elected, but gave it to Washington after a drunken bet.
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    Asphalt - Pssttt kids, I ate that fucking clown. It's safe to come down now
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    Vertebrate - WHAT'S the difference between the Alligator and Crocodile? The difference is in the shape of their jaws. Alligators eat babies in an A shape. Crocodiles eat babies in a C shape.
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    Reptile - holy í k he's a cowboy big scary alligator
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    Handwriting - Gator Facts @GatorFacts Alligators have received 78% of alI Nobel Peace Prizes. Many of them could not make it to accept it, however, so the runner-up usually wins.
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    Footwear - Gators Daily @GatorsDaily ... rt festive gator or u will lose all ur bones

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