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Amusing Twitter Thread: Cats Versus Dogs Being Petted

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    Forehead - Village of the Adamned @Browtweaten cats when you pet them too long:

    Wowwww, where is the lie here? We've seen cats who will place their paw on you to signify all kinds of things, both affectionate and violent. Such is the duality of marvelous and purrrfect kitties. This photo from Squid Game also perfectly sums up how cats look when you've petted them for too long, it's so funny!

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    Cat - Corey Cooper @MetroidFREAK21 Replying to @Browtweaten My ladybug will just let me pet her forever though

    Awwww, now this right here is a pawdorable kitty who deserves all of the love in the entire world. Just look at her, sprawled out like the cutie that she is. Such a beautiful and cute baby, awww! Another thing to mention is that this cat has a super cool pattern on her fur, what an awwdorable  baby! 

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    Dog - firecat @firecatbaby Replying to @Browtweaten My Shiba too- he hates being touched omg
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    Cat - joseph @The_RodentKing ... Replying to @Browtweaten Cat owners be like OMG SO CUUUUTEEE!!! alary al
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    Font - screaming in digital @tsar_bomba ... Replying to @The_RodentKing and @Browtweaten Where the hell did you get that picture of me
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    Forehead - appabend @appabend451 Replying to @Browtweaten and @OliverJia1014 Dogs when you pet them for long and then leave them to work.
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    Forehead - Paid & Laid @queenofpern Replying to @Browtweaten and @April_Prime Cats if you stop petting them too soon
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    Cat - pretty bby @forbidthegemini Replying to @Browtweaten you're done, you're done
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    Cat - godgiven @godgiven099 Replying to @Browtweaten and @frmaslm Nah, I will probaly get tired of her first. She most probably will come back and lay on me with "I need more" look ALL WE Love NEED IS HOM
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    Cat - Blazi ... @Blazisulu Replying to @godgiven099 @Browtweaten and @frmaslm Aww your kitty looks just like mine
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    Smile - A Zerron21 • 2021 @GDZerron21 Replying to @appabend451 @Browtweaten and @OliverJia1014 Cats when they see your new expensive gaming rig. 374 001
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    Cat - jk @jk_96_ ... Replying to @Browtweaten Not my cat
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    Human body - ny. ... @misseverywhereg Replying to @Browtweaten Them mfs be acting like they're your bestie then BOOM start attacking you Imao

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