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Tumblr Thread: Tricking Pets Into Taking Pills In Ridiculous Ways

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    Font - beaft Follow my cat hates taking his pills. the only way we can get him to eat them is to turn it into an elaborate pantomime - we take the packet out of the cupboard slowly and hold it up, saying "oh!! what's this? what's this? a TREAT? a TREAT for louis????" while making surprised faces. we offer him a pill... then, before he has a chance to sniff it, we wag our fingers at him and replace it in the packet so it becomes a Tantalising Forbidden Mystery. we continue doing this until he's s

    The way we tried holding back laughter, seriously. We held pretty well in the beginning, we promise, but then we actually started picturing what this looked like, and then we realized that we have definitely acted this ridiculously in front of our pets as well, and oh goodness, we're laughing again. 

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    Font - autumngracy Follow Op this is the funniest thing l've ever read fucktheflagandfuckyou Follow #he is 17 and has kitty alzheimer's #so we can play this out over and over again and he never remembers the outcome #it's a disappointment for him every time #be shh now #popular op how could you just hide this from me in the tag this makes this objectively 10000000% funnier

    Thank. Goodness. That this bit of information was added to the thread. Knowing that this is a senior beauty with Alzheimer's makes the whole thing so much better. It's funnier, yes, but this also suddenly turned so wholesome. Ugh, thank you for taking care of this kitty. 

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    Rectangle - spocks-cock Follow 50 First Doses skyline-sunset-in-my-veins Follow You trick Louis? You trick Louis like a common fool? Oh jail, jail for owners ONE MILLION YE-oh what's this? A treat?
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    Font - fuzzycricket Follow Omg e I had a foster cat you had to trick into taking his meds, l'd give him several if his favorite treats and then he needed to take 2 pills that I wrapped in pill pocket. But he didn't like the pill pocket well enough to just eat it. So after giving him several treats, l'd hold one directly up to his mouth, wait until he opened up, and then at the last second switch it with the pill pocket. Then give him a bunch more treats. It worked great! Cats are silly
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    Font - ramblingstaylorsversion Follow for my dog's tablets, we pretend they're for us and drop them. We fake scrambling to pick them up and because he has nothing but the audacity, he eats them before we can. It works everytime...
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    Rectangle - ramblingstaylorsversion Follow for my dog's tablets, we pretend they're for us and drop them. We fake scrambling to pick them up and because he has nothing but the audacity, he eats them before we can. It works everytime...
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    Rectangle - zenkaiankoku Follow We finally figured out the best way to get our dog to eat her pills. She refused to eat one until we held it out in front of one of the cats and it suddenly became a Forbidden Cat Treat that she just HAD to have! Worked every time.
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    Font - bobthebenevolentdictator Follow This is so foreign to me because two of our cats have had to take pills long term, and both of them figured out within 2 weeks how to eat the soft pill pocket treat from around the pill, including the one without any teeth. Please know that these were MEDIMELT PILLS they are designed to dissolve when they come in contact with moisture and these little monsters figured out how to eat the soft wet treat and spit out the pill still fully formed WTAF HOW HAS YO
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    Rectangle - captainsnacks Follow I lovingly call my cat a garbage cat, she will eat anything. She was recently put on medicine and I put it smack in the center of her food, uncovered, because she always takes a GIANT bite out of the center. Zero clue it's there.
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    Font - mcducklet-blog Follow When my cat (RIP <3) was very sick, he needed three different pills twice and later three - times a day. I would always get his wet food ready, sit him between my legs to box him in, dip the pills in the wet food gravy, and put them in his mouth one by one, with a syringe of water at the ready after each pill. He fought a little, but overall was very accommodating, which made a difficult task a easier. He ended up needing to spend some time at the vet for a few days,
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    Font - I was a little insulted, because I thought they were implying his condition had worsened because l'd been doing his medication routine wrong, but they went on to say, "He's very strong, we had to use the injectable version because he fights us when we try to give him the pills." Turns out my sweet little momma's boy was only good at taking his pills with me <3
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    Font - running-batty Follow This is amazing. Meanwhile I had to give one of my cats a pill for the first time in her life so she was confused and trusting when I opened her mouth only to shot put that thing into the back of her throat as quickly as possible and pulled out three treats for her while she recovered from that. She ate them and looked at me like: bruh what was that?! 140,696 notes

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