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    Cat - REI tilthat TIL that a cat once co-authored a physics paper. In 1975, a physicist had just finished writing a paper and was ready to publish but realized that he had used we' instead of T' throughout, despite being the sole author. Not wanting to edit the paper, he listed his cat, Chester, as a co-author. via http://ift.t/2pvbu4c mikkeneko This is the cat, by the way: I trust him doomsniffer Ok but the best part is, physicists loved the joke. When people called the author's university and

    This… this is the most purrfect encapsulation of what it's like to be a cat owner that we have ever seen. Not only has this scientists decided to give credit to his heckin' cat in a paper, thereby helping the cat gain status and power that will help it take over the world, the owner truly embraced what it's like to be as lazy as a cat at the same time. 

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    Font - glumshoe Dad kept hiding pine nuts in the pages of this magazine and letting Edgar root around for them. (Edgar cannot be released to the wild due to an injury. He now works as an ambassador bird and general household nuisance.) umshoe Edgar has added to his vocalizations since I last saw him! He used to only say "oh wow" in a really sarcastic voice and to mimic the trill of a screech owl. Now he also screams "WHAT?!" and mumbles "what a WHOPPER!" It was hysterically funny discussing poli

    We love, love, love how smart and amazing crows can be. They are truly an animal that does not get enough love in our opinion, so we are always happy to see people appreciating it like this. Please tell Edgar that we love him too, from the very bottom of our hearts. 

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    Product - E sandersstudies Follow My husband is playing DnD with some friends and told me to come look at the cat who is sitting in a chair like a person. My husband handed him a d20 and said "sir you have to roll a stealth check to convince the other party members you are a human" and the cat immediately batted the d20 and rolled a 14. The party cheered for him. sandersstudies Follow The final human player joined the table and they brought out a whole extra chair so the cat could remain at the
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    Vertebrate - keuhkopussirotta Hey you know spinosaurus? e2012 Encvcikomda avica. . What if their spine thing was actually more like the hump of a buffalo? ATTACHMENT POINT OF IMMENSE NECK MUSCLES IDEAL TO GRAB AND YEET LESSER DINOSAURS 287 notes
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    Hood - hazoret Follow Read hoofology @Hoofpeet If anyone is wondering what the prolife zootopia comic guy from back in the day is doing he just posted a comic where judy hopps is jfk 15:46 · 10/12/21 · Twitter Web App I NEED to understand how this guy's brain works
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    Product - doggos-with-jobs Service dogs training to sit through a movie at a theater. driftwooddragons It's actually better than that - the picture comes from dogs being trained to sit through a PLAY... which means there are actors on the stage performing a musical for a theatre full of dogs.
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    Font - People liking turtles better than cops will be pleased to learn a tur- tle bit off a cop's toe in the Hud- son River. yesterdaysprint The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, July 9, 1924 giraffodil This is like the opposite of clickbait. The whole story is there. Behold it. Source: yesterdaysprint 102,264 notes
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    Font - ratcoded Follow i love talking animal movies where there are human villains who have a pet that is, unbeknownst to them, also a villain ratcoded Follow in rio there's a group of people running an exotic bird smuggling operation, and they have a parrot that's also just on board with the concept of smuggling birds. he has a whole song about it and acts like a jail warden for the other birds... like, what a coincidence that this random bird they keep happens to be evil and actively, personal
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    Azure - marineblologyshitposts Follow clownfish be like "i know a spot" and take you to a fucking deadly sea organism Ordi Follow This post would've been a lot better if you didn't say the f word. Grow up. marinebiologyshitposts Follow yes hello i am very sorry to hear of your lack of satisfaction. if you'll just follow me to the suggestion box its just inside here roseverdict Follow cask of anemonillado
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    Font - awesomecuza heey im a lil sad would anyone distract me with whatever mikkynga here is a hamster dancing for ya, thought he haven't started dancing yet awesomecuza no move is needed to feel his passion mikkynga awesomecuza his moves and passion has exceeded my expectations mikkynga nd now is tired and needs to lay down be flat, he hoped you enjoyed the show awesomecuza thank u lil guy
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    Rectangle - mihlayn: one time i left a can of drink in my lounge overnight and the next day i went to take a sip but then i was like "wtf no it's gonna be flat" so i went and poured it in the sink and it was like 2% liquid 98% ants and it's been 3 years and my life is still flashing before my eyes
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    Font - bloodbending peter parker in the 2002 movie is fuckin.... incredible. he gets bitten by a fuckin jacked red blue spider and he doesnt say "hey someone should take me to the hospital mayhaps?" he just goes home. then the bite swells to the size of a fuckin jawbreaker but he's like "nah i just need a nap." then he wakes up the next day and discovers that he DOESN'T NEED HIS GLASSES ANYMORE and he has a fuckin six pack. does he flip his entire Fuck? no. he says, "cool." iconic. laughingfish
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    Food - consolation me selling my wares from the forest sailor--spoon Hey nbd but what the FUCK is that thing Source:metallicmauve #that thing is selling their wares leave them alone 246,277 notes ...
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    Reptile - pgmaker thatbatterisaspy: hairandbeardkommando: I punks not dead Heosemys spinosa is an endangered species, punks almost dead
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    Felidae - gifsboom Baby armadillo. cosmictuesdays Humans will pet anything. toffeecape How wonderful, then, to live on a planet full of creatures that like to be petted!
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    Organism - writing-prompt-s You live in a world where pictures are always in color until the person photographed dies. While looking through your grandparents' closet, you find a picture dated back to 1826. The picture hasn't faded to black and white. turntechxgnostic You realize there's a turtle in the background and carry on with your day 6,521 notes

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