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Twitter Thread: Casey Neistat Wants This Exact Dog

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    Dog - Casey Neistat @Casey this is the dog candice wants to get. this exact dog.

    Awww, just look at this cute tiny smol little floofer. That's right, we ran out of adjectives to describes this immaculately groomed fluff ball of cuteness. He's just so cute! We know that someday he'll grow up and get way bigger, maybe even a little chonky. Either way, he'll continue to be super awwwdorable.

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    Smile - Kelly Kline O @itskellykline ... Replying to @Casey The rule should be that she can't get a dog smaller than the largest rat she's seen in NYC.

    Ha! If you've ever lived in NYC before then you may relate just a little tooo much to this Tweet. Well rats can definitely be adorable, New York City street rats are a little too giant and frightening to be all that cute. We respect the rats, we do, but we're gonna need them to leave us alone for the rest of our lives.

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    Carnivore - Mikhail ... @MFoenko Replying to @Casey Relatable, this is the exact dog my girlfriend wants. The dog was sold in June.
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    Font - Mitchell Parsons @MitchellParso18 Replying to @Casey NEVER let it get wet and most certainly do NOT feed it after midnight.
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    Rectangle - daddytech @daddytech ... Replying to @Casey i can see that one becoming a squished pile of fur in the middle of the night one night when you get up half blind to go to the bathroom and he wants to follow. cute enough? Sure! but entirely too small.
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    Hat - brad pope @bradster59 Replying to @Casey Someone dressed a Pomeranian dog up as Paddington Bear and now the world seems a slightly better place to be in than it did yesterday PURE
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    Dog - Tariq Ali @TarighAli w.. Replying to @Casey That looks exactly like my girlfriend's dog
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    Font - Ingrid Taylor @ingridTaylor Replying to @Casey While so very cute, small tiny dogs are A LOT more work than regular dogs. highly susceptible to bone breaks, from falls,& are much like caring for an infant.But infant never grows up. Speaking from experience after rescuing 13 yr old teacup Yorkie.
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    Font - Tobias van Schneider @vanschneider Replying to @Casey Get her a cat she won't notice the difference.
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    Font - SUlam @SUlam00731161 Replying to @Casey What kind of batteries does it use?
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    Smile - Nanner w.. @NannerFL Replying to @Casey If that dog is not in her Halloween treat bag by tonight then just move out. You will not win this. I'm more of a Beagle person and even I'm melting.
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