I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "Just adopted this stray kitty and he needs a name.."

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    "Found him in the hand of a junkie..."


    "Found him in the hand of a junkie and homeless person that was beating him in a bag to make him sleep. First night he had nosebleed, severe diarrhea and couldn't eat food. But now he is a energetic boy that loves to play. We're struggling naming him but nothing suits him. Any suggestions?"

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    "Reluctantly agreed to get a dog after years of pressure from the wife and kids..... this is my life now"

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    "Update: a stray cat followed me home..."


    "Update: a stray cat followed me home, I took her in and named her Ming (after the sound of her meow). 6 weeks later she had 5 kittens! Now I have 7 pet cats. Meet the minglets!"

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  • 5

    "After wanting a cat for 15 years, I FINALLY got my first ever cat! 99% sure his name will be Bennett :)"

  • 6

    "I got a puppy. He's 13 weeks old and a total maniac."

  • 7

    "New family member! This is Norman!"

    Dog - LUCY&co.
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  • 8

    "Yes! He was adopted"

  • 9

    "Our new baby, we need a name for him!"

  • 10

    "When being a kitty foster parent becomes permanent..."

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  • 11

    "My brother's new kitty, Nandor"

  • 12

    "Always been a dog guy, decided to give cats a try, meet Uma Furman"

  • 13

    "I adopted Ham two months ago and today he sat on my lap for the first time!"

    Cat - Hamzah
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  • 14

    "4 Days old kitten, his mother abandoned him, So Im the Father now"

  • 15

    "Adopted girl +/- 16 years. Still a queen!"

  • 16

    "I’m 60 y/o and this is my 1st cat. Never knew there were cats that people may not be allergic to! My Siberian Forest Cat, Tiva."

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  • 17

    "Everyone, meet my Wife’s 30th Birthday present… this is Storm"

  • 18

    "This is my new kitten. I don't need a name from Reddit, his is JoJo. He is standard issue cat. Just wanted to share his gorgeousness"

  • 19

    "Ex ended our 5 year relationship while we were waiting to get this guy together. I went ahead and decided to raise him solo. He is now my everything!"

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  • 20

    "In September, I found this little kitten in the street. The first picture is him on day 1, the second is him yesterday, in his new family, living his best life. Look at this grin!"


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