I Can Has Cheezburger?

This Week's Most Supurrb Cat Tweets (November 26, 2021)

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    Black - Avery Vshe her @Invertebae My cats, every hour of the day, even if they just ate. FO OD

    Who doesn't want food at every hour of the day? The difference is that us hoomans can order it online, cook it, or go and grab it anytime we feel hungry. Luckily cats are super spoiled, so they don't really go hungry for that long, but as people who love food, we totally know how this guy feels. 

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    Font - Cole & Marmalade @ColeTheBlackCat "It's just a cat" people just aren't for me.. "It's just a cat" First of all, thatfs my child.
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    Felidae - fembot @_fembot ... perceiving this kitten, much to learn from him
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    Textile - Michael's Cat @michaelscat2 Guess which is the weird one
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    Human body - mimi smartypants @mimismartypants Is there anything funnier than when a cozy cat or dog suddenly heaves a big SIGH like dude what could possibly be the matter

    Aww, these cats just had a hard day! Everyone can relate to that. It may seem like cats do nothing other than nap, and eat, and then sleep some ore, but actually… Well we don't really have a comeback that is basically all that they do. But still, if a cat wants to heave a long sigh after a long day of doing nothing, they can. Perhaps it's just their way of relating to us hoomans. 

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    Font - monicaheisey @monicaheisey my boyfriend has a new bit where before he feeds the cat he shows her the can like a sommelier and gives her a few tasting notes..she is very impatient and mad about the delay in getting her food but it's 10s across the board from me
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    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · Nov 21 Waist.. Waist.. Where is my waist? Where are you? ... LE LO LEO LE 38
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    Font - Elle M @elle em Cat: AM MAD AT U HUMAM Me: why Cat: WHEN U PUT CAT'S WORDS ON INTERNET U AM NOT USE A PROPER GRAMMAR Me: do you know what grammar is? Cat: OF COURSE Cat: AM OF COURSE KNOW Cat: AM KNOW SO MANY THING ABOUT GRAMMAR Me: you have no idea what grammar means do you Cat: Me: Cat: NO
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    Cat - Rob N Roll ... @thegallowboob new cat is hyped old cat is not impressed
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    Cat - Zoë Paramour @ZoeParamour I went to Paris yesterday. I took 26 photographs and 19 of them were of this cat.
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    Plant - Ganjacologist @GanjacOLOgist Ran into this cat that has its own sign on our ride up this mountain ATTENTION Len Adel wokag Orange Ca y ee Son1 be oled El ht ed Liw at 500 Sur
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    Cat - translated cats ... @TranslatedCats Meet "Tuna", a former stray cat that turned into a puppet. bigger than dog

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