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Sphynx Cats Grow Winter Coats: Splendid Photos Of Not-So-Hairless Cats

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    So we all know what a typical sphynx cat looks like...

    Comfort - rookstone

    Aww, just look at this bald little baby sitting there, looking like a smol rotisserie chicken mixed with a bat. All jokes aside, these hairless cats are super awwdorable, but we want to see what they look like when they grow hair! In a way, we've seen thousands of cats with fur, but what about a half hairless and half furry cat? Let's take a look!

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    But did you know that some sphynx cats grow hair?

    Cat - NIS

    Oh. my. word. Just look at this precious baby sphynx cat. Have you ever seen a cat grow hair like this? It's worth noting that most of the time, sphynx cats just grow a little bit of peach fuzz all over their bodies, or on their tails, and this guy has quite an interesting assortment of fur, but he's just so cute!

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    Arm - Im goknba?-en~Rose @ilasja ... i found out that hairless cats do, in fact, grow winter coats and i'm not sure how to feel about this information Min
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    That's right, hairless cats can grow hair for a variety of reasons, but it's especially common to see during the winter season!

    Christmas tree
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    Organism - Gustavo Turner @GustavoTurnerX My “hairless" cat as winter approaches:
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    As you can see, this beauty has hair on her paws and face, just in time for Christmas!

    Cat - २२२सद
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    Growing a winter coat can be helpful, because sphynx cats can get pretty chilly in the wintertime.

    Cheezburger Image 9649529600
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    True, what these cats call a 'winter coat' might not look like much, but for a naked cat it's definitely something!

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    Ear - Kikidoodle & Purrmaids ... @KikiDoodleTweet In more fun sphynx news... Gandalf's winter coat is coming in! She never gets as fuzzy as Archimedes did, but her fur will extend out over her face as temperatures drop Early winter vs summer comparisons
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    Even if your sphynx cat does grow fur, you may still need to dress them in clothing to keep them warm. Stay safe out there!

    Vertebrate - CIMARGY LIMAROY

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