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Going Thru It: Photos Of Dogs Having Existential Moments

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    Dog - Brandon Durden @Bdurdens Replying to @GoodPoliticGuy Same

    Awww, look at this dog thinking about what a hard day he has ahead of himself. He has to go and run after the ball, and then bring the ball back, it sure is exhausting being the bestest boy all day long, isn't it? Or perhaps this dog is just thinking about how difficult it is to chase away the mailman every day. Keep up the hard work good fella. 

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    Dog - Collin ... @CCEightyFour Replying to @dog_rates and @Dumbo Peanut having an existential moment..

    First of all, the camera quality here is pretty heckin' cinematic. Who doesn't love a good movie moment where the main character sings about their heartbreak in their car while the rain pours down? But this dog is clearly not heartbroken, so he must just be a huge fan of philosophical thought. Such a good boy, keep on thinking tough thoughts you smol doggo, we love to see this kind of thing!

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    Font - internal cacophony @Zachery12058184 Replying to @GoodPoliticGuy “Am I really a good boy?"
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    Plant - Arabella @ArabellaGolby I went to all of this effort and my dog chooses this exact moment to have an existential crisis
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    Dog - Mac @GoodPoliticGuy my dog is having an existential moment
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    Font - SonOfEmpire @Flubadub4 Replying to @GoodPoliticGuy "Am goodest boy but is this all there is?"
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    Plant - Thats Dr. Not Mrs. Black Mommy Activist AWARDS @kayewhitehead #BellaReds found herself this morning It was an existential dog moment and I am better for it NO SOLICITING
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    Smile - Uncle Beard (Exit stage left pursued by a ... @UncleBeard1978 The dog came up for a wrestle, then had an existential moment staring out of the window. Probably thinking bones and humping things. Same.
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    Dog - Ruben C. Garza @garzarc3 I think my dog is having an existential crisis or a deep moment of introspection, hard to tell.
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    Building - jbird @jbird_tf I captured my dog having a very human-esque moment of existential dread.
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    Dog - amanda @a_stegs Caught the exact moment this dog passed the mirror test and immediately had an existential crisis
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