I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heartwarming Animal Memes To Start The Week Off Pawfectly (November 29, 2021)

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    Photograph - When he lets u wear his sweater ALPO VARIETY SNAPS SORTED PANS SMALL warn

    Aww, who can forget this wholesome feeling? And if we say so ourselves, this pupper right here looks absolutely radiant in his cute little oversized sweater. Keep being the bestest boy ever in your giant sweater you smol pupper, you're doing just fine! We love to see a cutie patootie like this one posing in his best winter gear.

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    Dog - There's a dog in my neighborhood who just sits on his balcony and judges people and he is my absolute favorite

    Now we're just upset that our neighborhood doesn't have a giant pupper who sits on the balcony and judges us in it. After all, judgmental doggos are the best doggos, we don't make the rules. But seriously, this guy actually looks super friendly and not as judgmental as they're making him out to be. Keep guarding the home you chonky boy, you're doing great work!

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    Organ - see you later alligator in a while crocodile 2.4 billion years later been a while I missed you
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    Head - F is for Friends who photobomb together.. down in the deep blue sea
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    Clothing - Excuse me but are you aware of Lennu, the Finnish president's dog
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    Photograph - when nobody is responding to teacher's questions so you help homie out
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    Cat - The hunter returns from a successful hunt with a fresh kill
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    Dog - When bae tries out new makeup and fashion trends @chaos.reigns
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    Brown - Me meeting new people Me with people I know
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    Dog - Whatcha thinkin bout?
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    Dog - Little guy fell asleep during his walk

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