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Enormous Maine Coon Cats Spark Delightful Twitter Thread

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    It all started when a Twitter user shared a photo of this enormous cat.

    Cat - J. Motoki @J_Motoki what would you name this cat?

    We hate to say it, but strictly speaking, this enormous kitty cat may not be entirely real. Why is that? Well just by looking at this absolute chonker, it's a tiny bit unproportional to your average cat. It could be part karakal, but sadly this cat might just be photoshopped. Either way it's pretty heckin' awwdorable!

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    Many people replied to her question with funny responses...

    Cat - Michael Graves @mgravesdesigner Replying to @J_Motoki I suspect this cat has several names already, mostly spoken by people in cloaks with large hoods and in eldritch tongues.

    If any cat is a member of the illuminati, it's probably this kitty right here. Just look at those enormous ears and tell us that this cat isn't a spy, it's impossible to say he's not. All we're saying, is if we owned this cat, we would sleep with one eye open. The rest of our face would probably be covered by this adorable floofer. 

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    But others claimed that the image was photoshopped.

    Rectangle - Contentious Old Anti Fascist Prole @MaggieDaWitch Replying to @J_Motoki Photoshop
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    This prompted people to share photos of their own delightful pet cats!

    Font - Mimi ... @miriamjablon Replying to @J_Motoki This may be photoshopped but Maine Coons are huge. I had one named Valentino who weighed 25 pounds when he was full grown. He had the softest meow and was the kindest big brother to all of my pets, both cats and dogs that came after him. He lived to be 23 yrs old.
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    Maine coons can grow to be pretty enormous!

    Cat - Marlene ... @MPersisting Replying to @J_Motoki This is Jasper. He is big. BTW, my friend in the pic is not short, it's just difficult to understand how massive he is. His head is cantaloupe sized.
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    Photograph - Sharin Kilb @Royal_ Rebel Replying to @miriamjablon and @J_Motoki This is Omar. He weighs 331bs @omar_mainecoon
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    Cat - SSouthernLady X @tina_reunite Replying to @J_Motoki For all the naysayers. Yes Maine coons can be this big. That's a lot more cat hair than I want to vacuum. tal
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    Cat - JMH @julshenley Replying to @miriamjablon and @J_Motoki I have an orange tabby mixed with Maine Coon and he's 20lbs. Sweetest cat l've ever had.
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    Jeans - Elaine Ramsay @3CatMum Replying to @J_Motoki This is Indigo my male Norwegian Forest Cat, with Lily my female on the chair.
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    Cat - SilverNSass @sass silver Replying to @anthonymdavis and @J_Motoki Very real. I have 2. Here is prince Harry next to my 11 pound Tonkinese.
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    Cat - Grandpa Rob @Phylter52 Replying to @J_Motoki Our Dante isn't that big, but he's 20 pounds and sweet, loving and gentle. He loves laying on my wife's lap, getting "lovins".

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