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Thread: The Amazing Transformation Of A Malnourished Neglected Horse

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    "Went to buy a “healthy” foal but it was in such bad shape I chose another.... This guy isn’t a ton better. They had plenty to pick from. Check out all the sticker burs in his tail."


    Seeing these kinds of pictures is never easy. It's not the worst one we've seen, but it's up there. Knowing that these animals get mistreated and neglected in such a way is heartbreaking, but at the very least seeing these kinds of stories gives us hope for humanity, that there are kind people out there who will do their best to help animals who need them. 

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    "It’s hard to tell but under that thick winter coat is a whole lot of nothing."


    We are no experts in horses, but even we can see that something about this baby is not right. We would like to say thank you, again, a million times thank you, for taking this little guy in and giving him a second chance at life. Not many people would have done it, so we are truly thankful.

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    "He is MAYBE half the size he should be."

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    "Still very sweet natured considering..."

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    "Getting his tail brushed out. No more ouchies!"

    Working animal
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    "Getting dewormed, but he didn’t need much since he’s barely 200lbs."

    Working animal - HORSE DEN QUESTPLUSN (moxidectin/praziquantel) UNCLUDING TAP Oney FOR ORAL USE IN HORSES SIX MONTHS OF AGE LARGER zoetis
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    "Meeting two other babies the SAME AGE. This really shows how stunted and neglected he was."

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    "He’s basically the same size as a newborn."

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    "With some good feed and care he should improve."

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    "When he was born he was much healthier."

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    "Although his living situation was never the best."

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    "Welcome to a new start in life little baby."


    "Since there seems to be some confusion LIVESTOCK laws are not the same as PET laws. So long as the property has food and water law enforcement has their hands tied. Reporting is also counterproductive because it can push the owners into making those animals disappear if you catch my drift. We have volunteers trying to purchase the available babies. I did get in contact with someone higher up who has more pull than I do. They are going to see what legally, if anything can be done."

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    "Tiny Tim’s BIG UPDATE - You all might remember Tiny Tim when I rescued him from bad conditions."

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    "He was very thin under that fluffy winter coat."

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    "Take a look at how handsome he is now!"

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    "He went from a sickly little guy—-"

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    "To a much healthier handsome guy."

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