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Tumblr Thread: The Crucial Difference Between Rabbits And Hares

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    Rabbit - ratcoded Follow if you don't know the difference between a hare and a rabbit you've never gazed into the cold wild eyes of a hare and known that if it could speak it would speak backwards

    You know, this is the kind of stuff that we simply do not think about. No, we had no idea that hares were terrifying, we just thought that they were slightly larger rabbits, essentially. But, it was enough to look at this picture for us to rethink that, because oh my god, look at those eyes, we can see death in them. 

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    Font - gallusrostromegalus Follow Jack Rabbits are North American Hares and they're the WORST to encounter at night becuase: You all know how big a rabbit is. Jack Rabbits and hares are much bigger. they're the size of large cats or small dogs or just-walking-age children. They also like to hang out in gangs of a hlf dozen to over 30. and in the middle of backcountry dirt roads. perhaps they're dustbathing or blood sacrifce

    A rabbit the size of a large cat… is not something that we have ever imagines, nor is it something that we want to imagine. We love Alice in Wonderland, don't get us wrong, but the rabbit with the clock used to give us nightmares. Thank you, tumblr, for the kind warning. Now, we'll go pee ourselves. 

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    Font - I don't know because when you come up the road at night because your dog has a tiny bladder and needs to go out at midnight and you have no yard so you're walking him on the dirt road around your neighborhod because you might aw well get some stargazing in, and you come just over the ridge to see a coven of twenty jackrabbits in the middle of the road and they all stand dn not just onto all fours like a proper prey animal No they get up on thier hind legs and don't just sit but STAND like
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    Rabbit - gettyimages Mirk Boolton 128582959 ..Blood Red. And a chill goes through you on that warm july night because while they're a puntable size and allegedly herbivores they're standing and watching you just like people and you are vastly outnumbered. everyone freezes
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    Font - you're considering your odds aganst roughly 200lbs of Suspiciously Humanoid Hare and they're considering their odds against you the only sound in the never-ending high desert wind somewhere in your peripheral vision you can see the streetlights but they seem awfully far away The nearest Jack Rabbit Blinks and takes a single shuffling step forward
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    Font - You area an overdevloped monkey and your prefrontal cortex is capable of some amazing feats but it runs very slowly compared to the reflexes of a rabbit and you're frozen as you desperately scramble for the appropriate course of action, hands feeling thick and useless, mouth dry and feet imeasurably heavy there's no way you'd outrun THESE, god there's a rabies outbreak going around that shit's not curable- The Dog LUNGES
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    Font - It's only the briefest of movements but the animal you'd picked out for his gangly legs and floppy ears and goofy smile is suddenly a dark shape of muscle and teeth and had flung himself at the horrible goblin rabbits faster than mere physics should dictate, appearing in the circle of the flashlight for only the briefest of moments before the jolt from the leash makes you stumble and the light falters The Jack Rabbits Scatter Vanishing into the faintly starlit sagebrush in as so many fain
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    Font - Later, you sit on the couch disquieted and you wonder If the sight of the Jack Rabbits standing and studying you was frightening enough to make you yearn for the safety of the yellowed streetlights what must it be like from thier end? what terrifying creature deliberately ties itself to something so horrible As a Dog?
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    Cartoon - cherryistired Follow Loter, you sit on the cosch disquieted and you Worde
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    Handwriting - If the sight of the Jock Rabbits standing and studying you was frighteing enough to maké you yearn for the sufety of the yellomed streetlights|
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    Vertebrate - what must it be like from their end? What creature deibrately ties them selt to sonething as horrible As a Do?
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    Product - @gallusrostromegalus that last bit gave me such a strong mental image I absolutely had to draw it gallusrostromegalus WELL HOLY SHIT. CONGRATULATE, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS GOING FOR. is it ok if I print it out and stick it on the fridge? #rabbits #dogs #long post 212,092 notes

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