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Heartwarming Moments Of Cats Showing Affection To Their Humans

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    Cat - Cheryl Kish Shadow (named because she truly is my shadow) curls up next to me or on my chest, talks, purrs and reaches out her paw to touch my face or arm to get my attention. She has lung cancer, so these moments are beyond precious to me. 25 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d

    Physical affection like that is not something that every cat does. They have to truly feel comfortable, happy and calm for them to do that. So, knowing that this little fluffball does it and keeps doing it despite of the sickness makes us happy. We hope that every single day she has left is filled with as much love as this comment.

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    Vertebrate - Anna Robbins My pretty boy will come to bed with me at night just so he can lay with me and suckle the blanket. He stops when he thinks I'm asleep. If I wake up, he'll start all over again. It's like he thinks he's comforting me. It's adorable! ODD 21 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 3d

    We have never heard of a cat who feels the need to comfort their human when they wake up from sleep, but we have seen cats who are normally not so affectionate attempt to comfort their humans when they're distressed. Comforting is definitely a form of showing love for them, and our heart melts every time they do it. 

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    Rectangle - Rachel Bock My cat Jamie does 'shark bumps' when he walks passed to show his cares. The bonus is when he wraps his tail around your leg too like a hug OO9 25 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Pat Shaw My Beanie, who we lost on Monday night, was very sweet and loving. He loved to be held and slept on my hip. My other cat, Tweety, gives kisses and loves to snuggle. DD 40 Like Reply Hide Send Message 3d
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    Azure - Amy Kemp My Sasha punches me in the face with her head to demand pets and cuddles. OD 14 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d · Edited
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    Rectangle - Top fan Bridget Lyons My fur-niece lays on my chest face to face with me when I'm having a rough time. She also licks my hair every night when I stay at her house | 7 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Font - Top fan Lisa Julie Downing My boy Atlas greets me at the door every day when I get home. He waits patiently for the kitchen door to open, then barges in to give (and receive) pets and head rubs. If he's late, you can hear him running at top cat speed down the stairs to greet me! Equally cute are his 'happy shnarfs' when he's being particularly affectionate. He sounds like Brainy from Hey Arnold! 4 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 3d Edited
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    Rectangle - Jacquie Gallagher Brings me his favorite stuffed toy. OD 8 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 3d
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    Cat - Top fan Adina Sobo Nutmeg greets me at the door when I come home from work, and purrs at me. Then, he follows me around the house. 10 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Font - Agnieszka Baryłka My Severus always runs to my father's room and meows loudly to announce I'm coming back home. And then he welcomes me at the door and demands head scritches and cuddles, because that's more important than food 10 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Cat - Mark Lindblom Grabs my arm. Like · Reply · Hide Send Message · 3d
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    Nose - Pamela Ann Sammy grooms my face and I think this eyeball-to- eyeball look is his way of trying to figure out what I'm thinking. OD 8 Like Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Haley Tauteris Pukes on the floor at the bottom of the stairs so I can step in it first thing in the morning. Thoughtful little bugger. 10 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 3d
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    Cat - Genevieve James My ginger boy likes to hold my hand with his paw, and also gives nose boop kisses. My black and white Maine coon cross likes to climb up me to be carried and hug/snuggle with me. Also lots of love eyes 4 Like Reply Hide Send Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Gale Miller Nelson Head bumps! That's how cats show love to each other. One of my cats Willow will "head bump" me when I ask. I got her as a feral kitten. She won't let me pick her up but head bumps are her way of showing affection. (She is now 12 years old.) 15 Like · Reply Hide Send Message 3d Edited

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