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    Property - gertrudisnacht Follow I love pics of tiny cats where the pic is taken a bit further away to put into perspective how ridiculously tiny the cat is like

    They may be tiny, but their tininess is to be feared. Every cat owner know that - the younger and smaller the cat, the bigger the hooligan they are, the more of your stuff will be broken every morning. When they're older, they're lazier, but as kittens… boy, oh boy, beware. 

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    Product - guerrillatech Amanda Smith @AmandaSmithSays Thinking again about how the names Arctic and Antarctica just means “bears" and “no bears." 10:59 AM · 10/6/21 · Twitter for iPhone 840 Retweets 96 Quote Tweets 6,686 Likes 27 Amanda Smith @AmandaSmit. · 10h Replying to @AmandaSmithSays What can be more human than coming to a place you've never been and saying “bears are here" then visiting a similar place and going “hm but no bears here" 27 53 O 1,042 simariethehawk and hilariously that is n

    Not gonna lie, whether this is real or not, as people who love bears an unhealthy amount, had we been the people who found these places, we would have named them the same way. Really, we judge every place we go to by the amount of bears there. It's the only right way to do things in life in our opinion. 

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    Organism - anthropologist-on-the-loose The point of officially naming a pet is not to actually use that name but to have a baseline from which to come up with every conceivable nickname to call them instead. abyss13warlock You bury a seed not because it looks nice in the dirt, but because the limbs that branch out will look nice in the sky anthropologist-on-the-loose Congrats on contributing to the ancient tumblr tradition of turning shitposts into profound poetry 55,244 notes
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    Cat - IAM NOT LOST JUST VISITING leakedinlondon thank u for visiting little friend I love u leakedinlondon I have an update on this lil dude apparently he has now been permanently banned from leaving his house because he walked his ass down to the train station got on a train and spend the day hanging out in a caffe a few suburbs over
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    Nose - thebestoftumbling 3 heyitspj Follow YIP RUFF BARK BOOF heyitspj: | a delicate scale 23,012 notes
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    Cat - I did not order this box of cat. HOW ARE YOU COMPLAINING LOOK AT ITS FACEEEEEEE it's literally making the :3 face
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    Dog - 1800s pug 2020s pug 1980s anime girl 2020s anime girl I will not elaborate. weedsandwishes Follow @sergle is correct #you might not elaborate but *I* will. anime girls have respiratory problems caused by irresponsible breeding
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    Font - shawnhenryspencer do you think vampires and werewolves are an exclusively human phenomenon or are there dwarfish werewolves and elvish vamps and shit?? betazeds would you fucking go to bed shawnhenryspencer *griffin voice* come plaaaaaay with me in this spaaaace centaurs but the human part is a dragonborn mermaids but the human part is an orc shawnhenryspencer HOBBIT ZOMBIES betazeds i'm coming to your house and turning off your wifi shawnhenryspencer it's a new month I have data for days
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    Font - reconcicle there are five frogs staring at me right now adambloghart but only one can be america's next top model Source: reconcicle 783,054 not...
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    Font - RE tilthat TIL Raccoons were able to open 11 of 13 complex locks in fewer than 10 tries and had no problems repeating the action when the locks were rearranged or turned upside down. They can also remember the solutions to tasks for up to 3 years. via ift.tt threesideddream the day the octopi and the raccoons form an alliance is the day humanity will perish heyheyvey We'd have far more to fear if crows and raccoons united. callmebliss-got-swamped Crows, raccoons, and octopi: the triumvira
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    Font - glumshoe My zoologist friend and I were comparing notes and apparently we've both cancelled dates and cut off contact with prospective romantic interests after they indicated a disdain for frogs. glumshoe leodovedonut Date eachother? Just an idea Sadly, we're both gay in the wrong direction. 3,877 notes
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    Font - earendil-was-a-mariner Follow 6 hour long fight at this year's Tolkien Historical Society Conference about whether Middle Earth has bees, before I reminded everyone that the Rohirrim had mead halls, which means they had honey, which means there's bees. Everyone sighed and the conference continued. This is the life of a Tolkien scholar. kialessa Follow It's what he would have wanted batmanisagatewaydrug Follow op why did you wait six hours 12,204 notes
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    Font - * cursed-and-haunted ... keuhkopussirotta Imagine having a kid, not involving them in, or even really teaching them the concept of organised religion, and just going along with whatever weird pagan shit the kid starts doing naturally. Like you go check what the kid is doing and they're burying an apple in the garden, you ask what they're doing and they're just like "the moss man makes frogs in the garden, if he gets an apple he'll make me more frogs" because you've never laughed, or taugh
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    Atmosphere - croagunk Follow The trout population is very sensitive to changes to the enviroment. Including but not limited to: an asteriod impact with the energy of several million nuclear warheads. seabassapologist Follow Oh shit! The trout population
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    Organism - Ef curseworm Follow theres a knight in my backyard stabbing the ground with his sword trying to render my soil barren by killing the worms but luckily ive trained them all in classical ballet and they keep pirouetting away from the blade adulthoodisokay Follow you can't get sentences like this anywhere else 090 6,061 notes
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    Photograph - thelokishow NOODLES ISN'T SHY AND WARMS RIGHT UP TO HIS NEW FRIEND. toopunktofuck #WHICH ONE IS NOODLES#???! cumwitch AHE Noodles toopunktofuck VERY GOOD
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    Bird - AMERICAN S madderhatter Obserwuj Roy is a gay penguin. Roy is looking for his boyfriend witch-vibes Did Roy ever find his boyfriend? madderhatter Obserwuj he did Here he is now. His name is Silo. troyesivan Obserwuj happy for him rissi18 Obserwuj YOU FORGOT THE BEST PART THEY ADOPTED A DAUGHTER NAMED TANGO BECAUSE IT TAKES 2 TO TANGO!!!! This is them: and they even had a book written about them: tango and makes three BOOK by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell illustrated by Henry Cole th
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    Font - firefox-official idk where "monkeys like bananas" came from but im so glad its a thing because its so fucking funny for no reason at all risenempire-deactivated20210506 They are both the same color firefox-official yesthatgino They're thinking of Curious George the yellow monkey firefox-official firefox-official = brown jokesarefunny Paddington bear wears that yellow ass coat firefox-official Paddington bear wears tha Paddington bear bear firefox-official You're forgetting George's friend
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    Product - apocahipster me and my friend jessie are physically incapable of having a normal fucking conversation so things happen where we accidently end up rping a dude bro trying to hit on me, an ordinary woman who is not a snake Wyd? Lol waiting for my heat lamp to turn on takes a while to warm up Oh haha why? so my blood can be warm Ha ha that's wild hey. unrelated what's blinking like how many meters long are you Ummmm haha Getting right to it are we hahahha tall i mean Ohhhhhh Lol just curi

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