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Woman's Dog Chases His Roommate's Cat Out Of A Window: Who Is Responsible

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    Font - So my roommate(28F) and I(27F) have lived together for 3 years. We each have a pet. I have a dog(Eros) and my roommate has a cat(Tut). They have always been best friends because they were raised together and got along since they were similar in size(Eros is 15 pounds, Tut is 10) and love to play together. They

    Hmm, so right off the bat these two roommates are best friends. This is gonna be a doozy. It honestly isn't incredibly common to be roommates with a cat and a dog, but since these two animals have been best friends since childhood it probably works really smoothly.

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    Font - do this thing where Eros chases Tut one way, and then Tut turns around and chases him the other way. Eventually they tire each other out and will fall asleep next to each other. Our house is raised over a hill, so even though it's one story, it is about 3 stories from the ground on one side and when the weather is nice we open the windows. The windows in the

    Ok, more background info, coolio… We really don't like the sound of that steep hill, hopefully it won't come into play later on in the story. But if it does don't worry, the story fortunately has a happy ending. But we're still on the edge of our seats, what's going to happen next, and what exactly happened to the pet cat?

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    Product - windows. The windows in the living room are low and even though there are screens on the windows we do not open them when the animals are out. Neither one had ever tried to jump out, but we didn't want to risk it.
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    Font - Well today I was at work, and my roommate was home. The weather was sunny and 65 so she opened the window. She was working in the kitchen and forgot about the window and let both Eros and Tut out of our rooms. Everything was fine, but then they started to play. They chased each other back forth but then all of a sudden my roommate heard a crash from
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    Font - the living room. When she went to check she saw the screen was ripped. Tut had jumped and went through the screen of the window. He did not survive. My roommate called me absolutely devastated, and so was I. We have been friends for longer than we have been roommates and have known each others pets for a long time. I even went with her to the shelter to pick out Tut when he was a kitten.
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    Font - Now my roommate blames Eros and therefore partially blames me since he is my dog. My roommate admits she is wrong for forgetting about the window, but says that if Eros had been better trained it wouldn't have happened. She wants me to get rid of him because he reminds her of bad memories??? I don't know how to make this right.
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    Font - Ellejaek I'm going to say you are NTA. You both knew the animals played like that, and that having the window open was a hazard. I think your friend is grieving and has decided to blame you and your dog for this situation. If there has to be blame attached, it's her fault. No one meant for this to happen, it was a tragic accident. No, you shouldn't have to get rid of your dog. I'd maybe give your roommate some space and then try to have a calm discussion about the situation.
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    Font - sk9592 I was completely ready to say YTA. I hate pet owners who refuse to take responsibility for the damage their pets do. But that's not the case here. Eros did not bite or maul Tut. He did nothing to harm Tut. They were playing as they always do and Tut got over excited and reckless and jumped out the window. Your roommate never had an issue with this playing all these years. She only has an issue with this now because of the results. The only one at fault here is the roommate for negl
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    Font - UPDATE! Tut is not dead! he just showed up outside our front door meowing like crazy to get in. One of his back legs is definitely broken and he looks banged up but he is definitely alive!! WTF! I mean I'm really happy he isn't dead, but I am so confused. When I asked my rm
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    Rectangle - comdigvbffdhedt She didn't even go to look for the cat in case he needed help?? Assuming the animal is dead and that's that, leave him outside to rot? Poor thing was probably crying out in pain for hours? or days?
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    Font - confused. When I asked my rm how this could be she said she saw him land and roll down the rest of the hill "entirely lifeless." The hill outside our house eventually turns into a sort of drop off cliff so I'm assuming that's what she is talking about?? Still why wouldn't she just say she wasn't sure? Why wouldn't she want to look for him to make sure??? I just
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    Font - him to make sure??? I just assumed she had put his body somewhere so I didn't pry but.She's taking him to the emergency vet now. What the hell do I do now??? How does one even comprehend this situation?
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    Font - Update #2: My Roommate got back early morning with Tut. He is going to be okay. His back leg is broken and has been placed in a cast. I haven't been able to talk to my roommate in-depth about what happened yet. I am dropping off Eros at my parents before I go into work. Both because Tut is recovering and needs to rest, and also because I still am not sure what to think of my roommates bizarre behavior.
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    Font - I agree with a lot of the comments that her story really isn't adding up. I'm hoping its just due to the fact everything was so hectic but I've expressed to her that I wish to talk about it this evening and that I think she owes me an explanation considering her behavior the day before. I'm not bringing my dog back into the house until I have answers.
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    Font - A few people have requested a time-stamp to help others understand the updates. These times are estimates. 4:00pm: The accident(this is when she called me at work.) 10:00pm: OP was made. 2:00am: First update. 9:30 am: Second update.

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