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Reddit Thread: Woman Is Criticized For Taking Stray Cats To Animal Shelter

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    Font - So, I (20F) live in a neighborhood where there are many cats wondering around. So many that we don't have birds or other small animals around usually because the cats will| hunt them down to eat them.

    Awww, stray cats can pose a serious problem. It should be up to city municipalities to keep all the stray animals healthy and give them for adoption whenever they can. We've covered so many cat sanctuaries doing good work that really helps with cases like this. We hope that these cats the right care so that they can be healthy and happy!

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    Font - Well, because of COVID I've been home enough to befriend many of these cats, and I realized many of them are adoptable pets!

    Awww, yes, we love adopting cats! Time to adopt a whole bunch of cats now! But seriously, we wonder how this story will go, who would possibly find someone an a-hole for taking a bunch of stray cats to an animal shelter to be adopted? It's seriously such a good deed to be doing for these awwdorable kitties and also for the town!

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    Font - They seem to enjoy being pt, cooed at, etc. and as I work closely with the local shelter, I got some live traps and places them out and about to cats several.
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    Font - I caught 27 cats in total (3 were pregnant so the number is possibly higher by now) and took them to the shelter where I helped set them all up, bathed a few, etc.
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    Dress - (Note, our shelter is a no kill shelter, so there is NO danger to these cats)
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    Font - Well, a few days ago, when I was setting some more traps up again, an older lady from down the street comes towards me and asks "what's you think you're doing!?!" I stop and answer honestly, I'm setting up traps to help with the stray cat population. The traps don't hurt the cats and I'm just trying to get them adopted.
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    Human body - The lady starts CRYING and says that those cats are her babies and how she's noticed several have gone missing and how could I have taken her babies.
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    Font - As an additional note, the cats weren't as bad off as many strays are, but they were all under weight, dirty, not fixed and several had upper respiratory problems (common in cats who live in large groups).
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    Font - I tried to console her and explained she could go adopt some from the shelter, but she just sobbed hard saying that our town only allows three cats per household, and she can't choose which ones to keep! That's like choosing a favorite child.
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    Font - I haven't put any traps out since, mainly because I kind of Incan understand where she's coming from. She's a widow, and I don't think she really has family or even friends, and must be so lonely! I know that animals help with loneliness, but I also worry for the cats safety. Not to mention the local wildlife.
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    Font - I tried to explain that to her but she was in hysterics by that point so I just sat down with her for a bit before picking up the traps and walking her home (where the cats seem to congregate) (Also, I live in a county where TNR is illegal, so I don't have that option)
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    Font - Update: I've decided to keep trapping the cats, the shelter has a system set up for feral cats to be "hired help" on farms where they will be fixed and sent to work on rodent populations, so I'm also trapping the feral cats as well (I was before, but several people were worried about them being either put down or being kept in cages their entire life)
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    Font - I'm going to talk with the shelter and see if we have any counseling for hoarders available in town. I'm also going to start trying to befriend the lady as welI. Maybe not being as lonely, she won't be as attached to the cats, and might be able to see that them leaving doesn't mean she'll end up alone.
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    Font - Update 2: I know this is very late, but I did have to call authorities because the older lady had a stroke. I went to see her in the hospital and she is doing okay but is gonna move into a nursing home. (We're gonna be penpals!) and she's glad the cats are being rehomed.

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