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Advice For Taking Care Of A Deaf And Blind Kitten: Wholesome Thread

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    Hair - My cat gave birth to 4 kittens. One of them is born without eyes and ears. What do I do?

    Aww! Imagine being the only one out of four siblings that was born without eyes or ears! That must be pretty heckin' rare, and also a real shock to all of the kitten's siblings when you think about it. Hopefully they support this little kitten and help him to find things whenever he feels lost. 

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    Font - Christine Hopkins, A.A.S. from Tompkins Cortland Community College (2018) I had a cat with cerebellar hyperplasia. He was born deaf, had a bit of a bobble head motion going on, and walked in circles a lot. I loved this cat like crazy. He could do pretty much anything the other cats could, just not with as much grace. I often took him outside with a harness and 20' lead on our 6 acres. He thought that was just grand. He eventually passed from pneumonia but he was adored and had a great lif

    Grace isn't everything, but love certainly is! This disabled cat sounds like such a good boy, we 100% agree that a special needs cat can be the joy of someone's ;life, or the joy of many different people's lives, special needs cats rock! What a touching story!

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    Plant - This was my beloved Care Bear.
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    Cat - I miss him so very much.
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    Font - Claire Jordan, Degree in biology and folklore; programmer, shop owner, secretary on newspaper As others have said, this kitten should be able to live a decent life if it is otherwise healthy. But also, make sure it gets plenty of food. It's possible that for some reason its placenta wasn't very well-plumbed-in so it didn't develop as fast as the others, that it is premature relative to the other kittens, and that eyes and ears will develop in the next week or two.
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    Font - Brianne Cate B You need to take all the kittens and mother to the vet immediately to ensure there aren't internal, more severe issues and for basic and more advanced kitten care necessary to keep them alive. Secondly, you need to spay the mother immediately after weaning. Thousands of cats are euthanized daily simply because there are too many of them. And it obviously is not normal for animals to be born with defects; this points to an issue with the mother's ability to have kittens (age
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    Font - Ann Daley, I love all animals and have owned cats most of my life Born without eyes isn't a problem. My cat went blind a few years ago and, although it did slow her down and limits the things she can do, she really has adjusted very well. A kitten who is blind from birth will do fine, because it will never know anything else, (read "Homer's Odyssey : A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat", by Gwen Сооper) The ears are more of a concern. If it
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    Font - Sally Taylor People are born deaf blind and still live amazing productive lives, so take tiny puss to a Vet and ensure he/she is healthy in as many ways as possible then find out what's involved in looking after your special little kitty. If you need financial help you could set up a Go Fund Me for the kitten and ask for cat-lovers to please give you a little help. Make it Easy, Make it Affordable. £2 'Cup of Coffee' donations work far better than asking for $20, 50, 100. Say what you nee
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    Font - Josephanie Franco, Attorney (1997- present) Nature has a way of handling things like this. If the kitten is just born, it's eyes may not open for a while - do not try to pry them open. Often, kittens ears are there, they're just tiny, or curled in.
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    Font - Royal Michaels, A.A. Business Ethics from William Penn University agree with other answers. You have had mama cat long enough to have had kittens so you must have a trusted vet. Take your kitten to the vet for recommendations and never ever let mama reproduce again. If the kitten was born this way it is a serious defect ( tho I would love that kitten just the same if not more). You should also let any potential owners of the other kittens know to prevent further breeding and defects in th
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    Font - Ellen Cowgur Smith, Cook at Compass Group/Chartwells (2019- present) Originally Answered: My cat gave birth to 4 kittens. One of them is born without eyes and years. What do l do? I've seen someone who had a blind cat before that they absolutely loved. They kept it on a leash, and would take it for walks. The cat's whiskers would help it to adjust to not being able to see to a small degree, and it would use sounds to help it. This kitten has no ears, but do you know if it has the ability
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    Font - Loniann Carusso, former Asst Manager (1983-2016) Poor little guy.Have your kitten evaluated by a vet. There are as lovable as all the rest. They just need a lovable person who can take care of it. There are places for animals like these. It is usually called “Second Chance" or other names. Please get in touch with these places. They take in animals with special needs and give them a second chance at life. They take in animals with all kinds of handicaps and give them the best life possibl

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