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Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

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    Joint - Someone: Cats heal people. 30 years old me: Got a cat. Cat: Sorry, bro, there is no way I can fix it

    Hahaha, cats really do save lives! But they aren't miracle workers, they can only provide emotional support and love, no spine surgery, sorry for those of you who wanted a cat chiropractor to help your spine recover! Regardless, this meme is pretty heckin' hilarious.

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    Dog breed - Hopper approves of our new doormat we got for Christmas. kase Knok JE CATS ARE NAKED

    Aw, Hooper the "naked" cat is so cute. We think this doormat is super funny, hairless cats definitely do always look a little bit underdressed in the most adorable way possible. We hope that the cats of Hooper's house have a sense of humor about the doormat and aren't offended by the wordplay. 

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    Font - Pyrrhica the Christmas cat painter @purrhica People with black cats will be like 'omg isn't he cute!!! And then show you a picture like this lol Black Cats 00 00 twt @ urrhca
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    Cat - No one: Cats when they love somebody: bonk
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    Cat - amanda @mandixpandi awake but at what cost
  • 6
    Cat - Me: Shakes the treats bag My cat:
  • 7
    Cat - My kits are 100% indoor kits. I bring things in for them to smell, well apparently snow was NOT something she was interested in. libvet
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    Cat - My floof and her lil brother got their christmas present early!
  • 9
    Shoe - Me at yoga class minigood
  • 10
    Cat - "Are you kidding meow?"
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    Nose - When you have a nice hat and you feel nice
  • 12
    Cat - Me: New year, new me - I'm gonna lose weight, get a better job, get in a relationship... My cat:

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