Fox News Anchor Confronts a Florida Mayor Who is Suing a Family With a Spectacular Christmas Light Display

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Via Foxnews
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The Hyatt's in Plantation, Florida have a history of turning their house and yard into a mini-Christmas light amusement park. Everyone loves these Christmas lights. Even lemurs... for some reason, show up to enjoy the spectacle. The anchor in this video insists that the lawsuit by the city against the Hyatts is based on bad blood between the family and the mayor of the town, who they say is an old friend. The truth is a little more complicated and so is the Hyatt's relationship with the city of Plantation.

Every day at least one hundred people come to see the house, on the weekend it can be up to one thousand. According to the Sun-Sentinel, for years while the Hyatt's put up a display people and cars have wandered through the street their house is on without much order and ignoring any regulations the city tried to enforce. The police chief, Howard Harrison, told the Sun-Sentinel, "For me this is a public safety concern, it really is. You can't have pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic functioning on the same strip of land. That is a disaster waiting to happen". That's when he decided to start closing the road down when the light show is on. The city has to pay officers to keep the road closed and enforce no parking areas near the home.

You can see a walk through of this fantastic light display from 2009 in this video.

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