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Cringey Behavior From Humans Who Are Definitely Not Allowed Near Our Pets

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    Who does this????

    Product - all Verizon LTE 16:56 85% Text Message Today 11:52 Hey, I got your phone number from your dog's collar. Thanks for letting me pet her. We should hang out. :) Today 16:49 Hello? Why do you even have your number on her collar if you don't want people to text you? What the ck? Such a tease Text Message Pay

    Wow, the audacity! Putting your name on a dog's collar is so important for the safety of the dog,  just because your name is on your pet's collar does NOT mean you want to be hit on by random creepy people! This guy needs to get it together…

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    Font - Dear Men: Stop owning female dogs. It gives off a clear indication that you subconsciously want to control and own women. Purchase / Adopt a male dog instead.

    Whaaat? Just because you're a man doesn't mean you can't own a female dog! Anyone who's mature, responsible, and has the financial situation for it can own a dog, you just need to show the dog the love and care that it deserves and make sure it has the food, water, walks, and toys that it needs to be happy.

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    Font - Want to play 21 questions? nah not really Okay just ask me a question but I just. uh ok I guess, u have any pet peeves? Yeah I got a dog Are you a virgin? bye Delivered
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    Font - A customer came in today to engrave a dog name tag, however, when I asked for the dogs name they said "It's not actually for a dog, can you just put Daddy on the front please" and I have never tried so hard to keep a straight face
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    Rectangle - I have a problem. I bought a kitten from you a month or two ago and you said it was a male but it isn't because | took it to the vet and the vet said he didn't have his boy parts. He's neutered. Yes, that's it, he's neutered. I wanted a male tho He is a male, he just can't make babies. WHAT?! That is the whole reason I wanted a boy cat!
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    Product - Hey man, that tweet about missing my dog you favorited is about my dog dying btw, not about leaving for college or whatever. 9:08 AM Damn sorry that sucks man 9:13 AM Ya, it fucking does. I'm not like telling you to unfavorite the tweet or whatever, just letting you know in case you feel the need to. 9:16 AM
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    Cat - Jennifer 1 hr 2 They love the sun 由Like Comment Share and 4 others like this. Ruth Who doesn't Oh wait, me since my diagnosis of Lupus! Like Reply 27 Jennifer Like Reply 27 mins
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    Rectangle - WE WANT THE KITTEN!! When can we come get her? You need to fill out the application first, I can send you the link. Ur joking right? We're on our way, you're at Petco right? We will take her. Does she come with food? I don't think you understand, the adoption process takes a few days. OMFG guess you don't want her adopted then. IDIOT!!
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    Font - snavsnavsnav 9h He's protecting his treasure!! 6 Reply 仓 16 凸 LLIKE_TO_EAT_PUPS 8h Sorry to highjack the comment here, but is my dog racist? I have two dogs at my house. One is an American White Shepard and the other is a black German Shepard. I thought they were fine at first, but recently my white Shepard has been acting pretty aggressive and territorial around my black German Shepard. He barks and fights only with dogs of darker fur. He's only ok with dogs that also have white fur and
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    Font - rodrigkn 13h Didn't work. A dog would have licked his face and made him laugh. Try again next time, Feline Devil! 个 -388 hatstar · 8h Avarage toxic dog lover be like: 20 3 Tarro_Yeet 8h But dogs are SO much better objectively. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is aloud to like any other pet. And that's just that. Deal with it cat lovers lolllII 个 -10
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    Rectangle - Hi, I just got a new sofa and my cat won't stop scratching it, can you take her? Does the cat have a scratching post? No, but I spray her with a water bottle and she still scratches. We spent a lot of money on the couch, can you just take her? Do you cut her nails? I don't have time for that. Can you? I'll drop her off in the next hour.
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    Font - 37 mins · 4 I Feel Like All This Beautiful Women Either Have Kids and Pets or Maybe Both Why Can There Be Women That Are Just Happy Being By Themselves Is It To Hard To Ask For? Like · Comment · Share 6 5 people like this. |Now you have a problem with pets? Lmfao0o you're hysterical Like · Reply · 34 mins Lol at pets! Like · Reply 62-33 mins Hello I'm by myself lol haha Like · Reply 62-31 mins la fish a turtle is cool a dog is very annoying is like a baby they need attention n cats def ha
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    Product - Messages Edit Hi we adopted a kitten from you last year and are interested in another! Is Fluffy still available? He is! Did you want to set up a time to meet him? No need, we love him! When can you come pick up the other cat? Come again? Your contract says you take the cat back, so we want to trade Kai for Fluffy. Please tell me this is a joke.
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    Font - Hello family and friends. Fand I just wanted to share some exciting news with all of you... we're expecting! And we already know it's going to be a boy! Arriving in December 60 Comments Love Comment Send Fantastic Penny was right there was a baby bump in that photo you shared congratulations Like Reply For those who have inquired. It's a cat ArT Brend Spy Se Me Ba d Celest sve Calar whte Like Deply
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    Rectangle - Regarding your app, I called your vet and they said you had a kitten euthanized 2 months ago? You didn't list that. Oh yes, my son broke the kitten's paw and we couldn't afford the surgery. It was an accident. Umm... you should have mentioned that. Well we thought if we did, you wouldn't give us the kitten. You thought right!

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Ellie is a writer and proud cat owner. When she isn't creating content for I Can Has Cheezburger, you can find her travelling the world, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with her beloved pet cat.

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About the Author

Ellie is a writer and proud cat owner. When she isn't creating content for I Can Has Cheezburger, you can find her travelling the world, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with her beloved pet cat.