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Reddit Shares The Kindest Thing Pets Have Done

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    Font - vogairian Throughout high school, my dog would escort me to my bus stop (about a quarter or so mile away from my house) at the edge of our road. This was at around 6:45 in the morning. He'd then meet me when I got home and walk back with me. He was a good boy.

    Aww, we love hearing heartwarming stories like this one, we're so happy that this person had a lifelong friend throughout childhood to keep them safe to and from school. We could all use a kindhearted doggo like this to keep us happy and healthy, sounds like a great boy!

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    Font - I_am_dean When I was 16 I was home alone and my mom told me "the plumber is coming by, just let him in." So I did. He started being creepy and saying things like "you legal yet sweetie?" So I texted my mom and asked her to come home. I was clearly uncomfortable and idk I guess my dog could sense it...? Because my 5 pound schnauzer/poodle mix started growling at the plumber and wouldn't leave my side. Clearly the man could of punted my dog, but Tank didn't give two sh s. He did not like th

    Wow this is so scary! Thank goodness that doggo was there to save the day, this story could definitely have gone south if the dog hadn't been there. Lesson learned, don't leave your kids home alone with any sort of weirdo or person who could be dangerous, you truly never know!

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    Smile - ReRonin Once when my dad was sawing a thing in a cabinet, the sound reverbrated through the whole house. Really awful noise really. Naturally, all our cats fled away. All except one. This cat crawled towards my dad and started biting and pulling on his leg. I still think she assumed he was stuck and wanted to save him.
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    Font - mundoensalada when i was around 6yrs old, there was an uncle (husband of my mum's friend...not a real uncle)...who would chase me around saying 'c'mon give me a kiss' thinking it was funny. One day my parents and mum's friend were all sitting in the garden and idiot uncle wouldn't give up chasing me....i wasn't a screamer but it started to distress me and my normal 'no' 'no' shouting changed to screaming...suddenly everything went quiet...i turned around and in slomo saw my placid, obedie
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    Font - ging3r_b3ard_man Something similar happened to me. Our family was in a small town, and we were quite neighborly with our next door neighbors. There was this one friend of our neighbors that for some reason thought a real tough repeated poke where the neck and shoulder meet while holding the kids down was tickling, but we always said it hurt. We were laughing at being weirdly incapacitated from such a simple action but we were too young to be able to describe that. So he did this to the ne
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    Font - GreatWhiteBuffalo41 My GSD taught me how to walk apparently. I used to hold onto her tail and she would walk really slow while I figured it out. . [-] imgrandojjo GSD's are amazing dogs. Extremely intelligent and with one of the greatest senses of loyalty of any dog breed. There's a reason the military and police love them. They love to work and in fact NEED a job to be happy and they take instructions reasonably well. They are a higher maintenance breed though because you have to keep th
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    Font - [-] klem_kadiddlehopper They also have great memories. They also know when a person isn't a good person. The GSD I had years ago was a wonderful dog. Very obedient, loved to play outside and would chase a ball for hours if I let him. There was a family who lived across the street from us and we didn't know them. It was two parents and three kids. Two boys, one girl. Our house had a big window that faced the street and my dogs loved to look outside all the time especially the shepherd. He
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    Font - masterkaz Something similar happened to my grandpa while he was shaving his son (my uncle) who was disabled both fisically and mentally. My grandpa jokingly said something while holding the razor but my uncle got scared or something and screamed, my dog (GSD lab mix) came running and bit grandpa's arm but with just enough force to have him drop the razor. My dog thought that even thought grandpa was his owner he had to protect the weakest one. Then when my mom was treating grandpa's wound
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    Font - [-] Runs4Rum I see a lot of protective pets in my work as a community nurse. From the cat who hisses when I have to draw blood from its owner to the dog who won't leave his dying owners side. There are some places where I silently pray that the owner won't flinch as I clean out a wound as their dog is watching us intently and is clearly ready to make mincemeat out of me! Some pets have to be put out of the room for my safety, but I avoid doing that as much as I can. I take a bit of time t
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    Hair - [-] SpicyHashbrowns When I was 5 I climbed the 7 foot fence in the back yard, my dog Jack (Irish Wolfhound) jumped/climbed the fence to follow me, and my dog Casey (Golden Retriever) bugged the fuck out of my mom to go in the front yard to find me. They both protected me that day.
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    Rectangle - [-] beaker90 I had a golden retriever who was my protector. If I was home alone and answered the door, he would always stand between me and whoever was at the door. He was a good boy. He also liked to jump our backyard privacy fence, come around to the courtyard, and nap on the porch with one of the cats.
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    Font - [-] jessicacummings I adopted two kitties earlier this year and they had almost died as kittens from FIP. I loved that I was getting little fighters and they do not disappoint! Absolute lights of my life. One of my girls is the protector and I have awful nightmares most nights so basically since I got her she wakes me up whenever they get bad. It's progressed from her being on the floor next to the bed when she first came home and now she hops right up on me and meows in my face and cuddl
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    Sky - [-] obrysii My cat hated to get her fur wet but would let me hold her and cry into her shoulder during the bad times.
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    Font - EndVry I had a friend with a dwarf cat years ago named Puma. Puma acted like a lovely cuddly dog. Puma would always come scampering towards me when I came over and would pull my forearm (while I was sitting) and wrap his body around my forearm when I was over. After Puma died I cried a lot and my friend finally told me that Puma was only that way with severely depressed people. Puma is the first of 3 animals that when they died I felt like I had lost a family member. I'm kinda tearing up
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    Font - McQuiznos When in highschool, my dad would go on angry tirades, and I'd get slapped a lot. After my (now) step mom adopted my German Shepard for me. My dog jumped on my dad biting him when he had hit me. After that any time my dad would get pissed off, Koda would stand between us. If he raised a hand, he'd jump on him. My dad stopped it for sure. And after my step mom moved in things really cooled off, and over time he fixed that temper of his. But I'll never forget what koda did. He's a

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